You Make the Call – Hall Table

Here are my requirements for a hall table:

It has to be less than 19 inches wide, because the space it has to fit into is only 20 inches deep.  I would prefer it to be on the taller side, but since I can’t find anything I like that’s much taller than 30 inches, I guess I have to settle for a short table, odd as that may be.  I want it to have at least one shelf on the bottom, and I would prefer a couple of drawers so I can keep my cameras in there.  It needs to look good in combination with the faded yellow I want to paint the hallway.  I would really like it to be long enough that it has room for all the crap Mr. E deposits when he gets home – keys, ipod, cell phone, hat, parking pass, coffee stirrers, change, etc.  And of course I want lots of space for all the trinkety crap I am going to put on it – my decorating schemes all have one thing in common, and that is increasing the amount of space I can cover with random crap I find at thrift stores and antique shops.  The style should something that takes the edge off all of the dark brown vintage modern furniture we seem to have ended up with – I’m worried that it’s going to look like we’re shoehorning our decidedly NOT a sixties ranch house into some 60’s flashback – the worst thing you could ever do to me would be to walk into my house and say “how retro.” Gag.

Mostly, though, in my typical shoes before the dress/cart before the horse fashion, it has to look good with this dish that I bought this weekend at the Salvation Army for a dollar and that has become my new true life love (OH MY GOD I LOVE IT SO).

Isnt’t it pretty?

Also, it has to look good with a glass bell jar sitting on it because as god as my witness the only real reason I even bought a house was so I could own a table with a glass bell jar sitting on it and so help me god I will not be stopped in my pursuit of the glass bell jar no matter what anyone else thinks about it I must have one.

Other things I would like to put on or near my table:

Mr. E assures me that that yellow lunch box is actually a minnow trap, but whatevs. I think it’s cool.

I don’t want to swing so far in the direction of shabby girly chic that my hall table clashes horribly with the rest of my house, so that is something to also consider.  And finally, I don’t want to end up with anything old persony, if that makes sense. Like, if you could see a fake flower arrangement sitting on top of it, it is not the table for me.  Fake flowers = my soul dying inside.

Also, remember those three hall tables I asked you to look at before? Yeah, well, I decided I hate all of those.

Good god, do you just want to see the tables?

But also real quick before I get to that, can you please note that in the past seventeen years of my life I have seen aproximately eleventy trillion tables in the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog that I loved with all of my heart and that would have been so perfect for my entryway and now that I actually need a table, oh, their table selection is so so so so sad.  What’s up with that, Pottery Barn?

This is the best they could do.

From Pottery Barn – $299: (47 x 16 x 30)

I have to admit I like this although it fits almost none of the criteria.  It does have shelves but it’s the shortest of the three (30 inches) and it’s more of the dark wood and it doesn’t have drawers.  But it’s made of real wood and it has a nice solid real woody vibe to it.  Eh, I don’t know, against all reason, I kind of like it.

JC Penney has suprisingly nice furniture, $229.  (38 x 14 x 32, I think it’s too small)

This is the one I thought I wanted until I saw table number three, but now I’m wondering if it’s just a little too…too. You know what I mean? Like too frilly or something?  And it does seem awfully fake painty shabby chic.  And it’s not very long. But on the plus side it is kind of cool looking and it has a drawer and a shelf, so in that respect it’s pretty darn perfect.  I think it could go either way, either towards a fake twee vibe or a towards a cool girly french vibe.

Wisteria, $199, (39.5 x 17 x 30.5 WHY SO SHORT PEOPLE?!)

The last table is the one I think I want. I am a little worried it’s too rustic/shabby chic/country farmhouse, but I like the fact that it’s real (old) wood and the zinc top makes me very happy. Not sure if the drawers could hold a camera or not, and I would for sure replace the knobs, and it’s not as long as I’d like and definitely not as tall as I’d like, but in the land of too short tables what can you do.

I think this is the one, but I want to know what the internet thinks.


15 Responses

  1. I think I like the second one best, but then I thought about your new Salvation Army find (why can’t I ever find anything when I go there?) and I think it might get lost on the second table. After all that, I vote for number 3.

    I would agree that when I didn’t have a home to decorate, there was much better furniture. What’s up with that?

  2. Have you looked at We had an impossible width requirement (less than 14″) for our bedside tables and that was the only place that had something that fit and didn’t look like cardboard. Bonus is that they are reasonably priced.

  3. No. 1 is my choice, but no. 3 seems more your aesthetic.

  4. I like the second one also, but I can see your hesitation. I just think a table with doors/drawers has so much more use than open shelves.

    That being said, might you be able to find something in a consignment shop? (Did I just sound like Yoda?). My MIL is a huge fan of used furniture/ antiques stores, and she has been able to find some kick-ass furniture so much less than new stuff (example, a HUGE older armoire for $600 -this thing would be about $3500 in PB or C&B). Just a thought that I’m sure you already thought of since you found that gorgeous plate!

  5. I don’t like #2 at all. too little-girl-princess-bedroom-set. I think I like 3 best.

    of course, this means you’ll pick #2 and I’ll have to pretend to like it. 🙂

  6. I like #3, then #1 and I would burn #2. YOU ASKED.

  7. Have you ever looked at Ballard Designs? I just visited the site briefly and saw that they have several metal and wood consoles.

    I have no idea if you’d like this one, or not, but it fits your size requirements and is 37 1/4 inches tall!

  8. I love table #3 (and everything else in the Wisteria catalog) Also, has some nice furniture and they ship for $2.95

  9. sweet fancy moses, i love that dish from the salvation army!!

    i really like the first table the best – since it doesn’t have drawers i’m thinking you could do baskets on the shelves in a couple places to hold the stuff you were gonna put in drawers. very pottery barn-ish, you know.

    i like the other two tables a lot, too, but i think you’re right about the 2nd one…it’s too TOO. and the 3rd one is cool but it looks like it belongs outside. but it’s hard to say because i haven’t been invited over for tea or anything so i can scope out your house 🙂

    (i know you posted pics at one point or another, but i’m too lazy to look them up and my memory is pretty much non-existent for such things.)

  10. and oh yeah…i LOVE the keys AND the yellow lunch box thingy. how do you find such cool stuff??

  11. That dish is amazing!!! What a find. And we use a yellow trap just like that for crawdads – I think it would make a really cool design element.

    I like table #1 best – and think #3 looks too shabby chic. But that’s just my personal taste. I love this table:

  12. Give me that dish. I LOVE IT.

    And definitely table #3. Seems like it would look great with all styles of trinkets. Including coffee stirrers.But definitely change the knobs.

  13. I like #1 and you could use those storage boxes you like to store your cameras, etc. And…”minnow trap”? I don’t get it, wouldn’t the minnows escape through the large openings?

  14. Anne beat me to it! I was just about to suggest Ballard Designs.

    Personally, I love them all. But I do love 3 the best.

  15. I can’t decide. I am too ashamed of my fake flowers. I totally HATED fake flowers and then I got three big ol’ fakeo daisies and now I kinda’ like ’em…but ONLY when they are surrounded by real plants. I know…it’s bad. I really do know and I NEVER thought I’d do it. So shoot me. 🙂

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