Eli had a weight check this morning – he gained almost a pound, and he grew an inch, and is (slowly) rising back up the weight charts.  We don’t have to bring him back to get weighed again until February, and he will stay on the gluten free diet.

The relief I feel at this is overwhelming.  It cannot be described in words.  But between hearing that my child actually grew for the first time in six months and the fact that I woke up and did one of my most anxious making things (going to the doctor) and it felt like kind of not that big of a deal – it feels like the dawning of a new day. Add to that the fact that I admitted I hate my dog and no one told me I was a bad person and some of you even though I was funny! Well, I kind of want to do a little Singing In the Rain style dancing in the streets.  Or I would if I weren’t so damn exhausted – at 5 am this morning another crystal ball broke off the chandelier and landed on the dining room table, so that was fun. I’m pretty sure Mr. E had a minor heart attack.  I, however, shrugged it off and went back to sleep.  This Levitra is some good shit.


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  1. HOORAY!

    I’m excited for you both!

  2. oh no! your balls are breaking!! (tee hee).

    seriously, that’s a bummer.

  3. That is fantastic! Yay for the little one taking the growth charts on and yay for you feeling less anxious!

    If I was a woo girl, I’d totally “Woo” here.

  4. I’ll do it! WOO!

  5. yay eli! yay levitra!

  6. Yay! For you and Eli!

  7. woo hoo! and yay for the cure to ED.

  8. Oh, that’s such good news! I’m so happy that he’s growing!

  9. Down with gluten. FYI, when my tum hurts, I call it “gettin’ the gluties.”

  10. That’s so great – I’m really happy for you to finally be able to have a little peace about that!

    Also, slynnro’s comment needs to be on a t-shirt

    Down With Gluten

    I get more good t-shirt ideas from your blog, I swear!

  11. Hooray for the good news!!

  12. I just read something, in Parenting magazine, I think, where a little girl wasn’t growing, and they discovered she had Celiac disease, and then with her new diet she grew again… I think you’ve done research so you may have heard of similar cases but I thought I’d tell you anyway.

  13. Such. great. news. So smart of you to do the gluten-free thing, even when the tests say otherwise. You know your child, and you do what works.

  14. A great testament to the power of getting up every day and doing what needs to be done whether you feel like it or not. So glad things are going better.

  15. just want to second what the other jen said:
    you know your child and you do what works!

    put this idea in your pocket and carry it around with you at all times so that when you doubt yourself, you remember – i am rocking this mom thing. 🙂

    so happy the meds are working too – woot for pharmaceuticals!

  16. Way to go, Princess! Glad little E is growing; glad you’re mellower (is that a word?) and certainly glad your ED is under control. 🙂

  17. Congratulations! I’ve been lurking, and I applaud that you stuck with your gut on the gluten thing (no pun intended). Regardless of tests, it’s great that E is feeling better.

  18. That is great news!

    BTW, I found myself reading old blogs of yours….the ones from Blogger. You are really funny and a great writer. Just wanted you to know I’m really enjoying reading it.

  19. Yay for growing kid and happier mom!

  20. I’m so glad! There are a lot of gluten allergies and intolerances that aren’t celiac disease. If it’s working, go for it. I am so glad he’s gained weight.
    I know that when my son was teeny, every weight check was SO IMPORTANT. My life revolved around calculating weight gain. And he was diagnosed Failure to Thrive… and that’s one of the hardest things to happen.

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