My Thanksgiving Plan*

Today: Look for gluten free bread cubes and pears at Whole Foods. Find pudding mold for table centerpiece

Sunday Night:  Take turkey out of freezer, thaw in fridge.

Tuesday: Toast and stale gf bread if they don’t have gf bread cubes at Whole Foods.

Wednesday: Make brine, make placecards, iron tablecloth and napkins, polish napkin rings, take sausage out of freezer

Wednesday night:  buy flowers at Trader Joes, arrange flowers, brine turkey, make ambrosia salad, bake lemon bread. Refrigerate 7 UP and Cranberry Juice, make turkey broth, make mise en place for stuffing, refrigerate


9:30 start making stuffing

10:30 AM – Turkey goes in oven (cook at 425 for 25 minutes until it starts to brown, then cook for 12 minutes per poundat 350, which for our turkey is 3 hours).

11 – Make punch (cranberry juice and 7 up)

11:15 Prepare brussels sprouts, refrigerate

12:15 Set Table

1:00 Put stuffing into oven (cook for 45 minutes)

1:05 Make mashed potatoes

1:30 Turkey comes out of oven, rests for 20 minutes

1:30 Brussels sprouts and mashed go in oven for 25 minutes at 450

1:35 Make gravey

2:00 Eat!

2:15 Pass out

*To those who shall remain nameless but who may have been yelling “Just thaw the damn turkey” as I was typing my Thanksgiving plan into the computer I will say only this: Those without a Thanksgiving plan are destined to stand in their kitchen with a blowdryer set on high and a Butterball representative on the line on Thanksgiving morning.  Let it never be said that I did not go into Gluten Free Thanksgiving Number One without a plan.


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  1. lol I really had to laugh at this post. Just this morning I put our 25-lb turkey in the fridge to thaw out because it seriously takes FOREVER! My mom is cooking a turkey for Thursday, so I’m not even cooking our bird for a whole week and a day. That should be just about enough time to thaw out. I’ve learned my lessons the hard way!

  2. My mom is cooking our Thanksgiving, and all it seems she can think about is how me being gluten free is a real downer. Can I come over?

  3. Good on you for the roasting of the Brussels sprouts. That’s the ONLY way to make brussels sprouts, IMO.

    Sounds like a fine, fine T-giving dinner. But where is the DESSERT?? (I’ll ask that so Mr. E doesn’t have to.)

  4. I am so sad that I don;t get a turkey dinner this weekend…

  5. I am roasting brussel sprouts(balsamic) too! I need to make a plan so I can go to the grocery store. Thankfully mom is handling the turkey so all my stuff can be done the week of, instead of over the weekend.

    (although I really wish we were deep frying or bbq-ing the turkey but I’ll live)

  6. having a plan is the only way to go. sounds like you’ll have a great meal, but i’m also wondering…DESSERT??

  7. That sounds all kinds of not relaxing. Make sure you stick the hubby with clean-up detail.

  8. That sounds all kinds of not relaxing. Make sure you stick the hubby with clean-up detail.

  9. oh i disagree, robin – with a plan, i’m SO much more relaxed – not as relaxed as if i just had to show up with my appetite but you know…

    needless to say, i must say a hearty AMEN on the importance of the plan. after the year with the frozen turkey, burnt stuffing, cold gravy and subsequently, too much wine, i wrote everything down in painful detail, complete with times and a grocery list for the week before.


    every year, i get it back out and regardless of how splotched with gravy and sweet potato juice it becomes, i feel like i can’t rewrite it because it works so well. i’m superstitious that way. 🙂

  10. Sounds delicious. A thought on gluten-free stuffing: I bet corn bread would be delicious.

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