This Just Freaks Me Out

Eli, 21 months


Me, 2 years old (sorry for the pic of a pic, I am not down with the scanning technologies.)



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  1. WOW. You couldn’t deny him even if you WANTED to. Even when he’s sitting on your table, launching oranges at you and the dog. 🙂

  2. Well, as least you know he’s yours!

  3. WOW! You guys look SO MUCH ALIKE! I wish my kids looked at least a little like me.

  4. That’s pretty amazing! I can never tell who Lucy looks like.

    Also? I think we had that slide too. And that sweater.

  5. As someone with a child, that up until recently, looked nothing like me- i must say this is awesome!

  6. Wow. That is a crazy resemblance!

  7. Holy crap, that’s crazy. Regardless, he’s the cutest little thing ever.

  8. Spitting image! At our house, you could look at a photo of me at 4 years old and a photo of my dad at the same age and think it was the same person, aside from the advance in photo technology! Craziness!

  9. genetics is freaky, isn’t it?

    you’re both cute. although I really want to put some pants on you before you go down that slide. you look like you’re going to get a splinter.

  10. It is WILD how much your little guy looks like you! Very cute. 🙂

    I did something similar on my blog.

  11. You are like twins!

    Also: I had that slide.

  12. that’s awesome! I always thought you guys looked a lot alike (the nose, the eyes and eyebrows) but these photos really cement it. he’s your baby, all right!

  13. Whoa!

    But where’s Eli’s big 1970s collar?

  14. That is insane! I love it when you look at old photos and realize that someone in your family is your twin! Gives you a sense of history (doesn’t work for me so much since I was adopted, but I still love it).

  15. Whoa. If it were not for the Y chromosome, I’d assume that you’d simply divided like a flatworm.

  16. love the way his hair has little curls by his ears. so sweet!

  17. That’s so cool. There are pictures of some of my aunts that look a lot like me.

    Sort of related – there is a girl who works out in my apartment’s fitness room who looks like you! She’s walked in twice now and each time I think, “Elizabeth? Why aren’t you in California?”

  18. Holy canoli!

  19. that 70’s sweater is HAWT god I miss wearing all boys clothes that look liek they are from the salvation army…

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