Going Green

When we first started this gluten free thing, we ate A LOT of beans and cheese and meat.

We still eat a lot of meat because that’s what keeps Mr. E full, but as we sail towards the New Year and a slew of resolutions, I really need to get back in the practice of eating lots of fruit and veggies.  Here’s the next two weeks worth of meals we’ll be eating, and hopefully they’ll help with Operation Less Tight Jeans and Operation Stuff Fewer Chips in My Face.  I’m highlighting veggies in green.  My goal is five fruits and vegetables a day, and at dinner to make the biggest portion of food on my plate a vegetable.

1. Tofu Satay and Thai Beef Salad

2. Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad with GF Bread Cubes

3. Steak, Balsamic Portabella Mushrooms, Spicy Carrot Slaw, and Marinated Vegetable Salad

4. Chili, Squash, Winter Salad

5. Home made pizza, Green Salad

6. Vegetarian Korma

7.  Tilapia, Quinoa, and Broccoli

8.  Priosciutto Chicken, Spinach and Red Onion Jicama Salad, Ranch Mashed Potatoes

9. Shrimp Stir Fry and Brown Rice

10. Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup, Arugula

11. Jerk Turkey with Rice, Black Beans, and Clementine Jicama Salad

12. Pork Chops, Red Cabbage, and Wild Rice

13. Enchiladas with chard

14. Roasted Vegetable and Meatball Soup


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  1. I can’t decide what to eat tonight…let alone plan out two whole weeks! Your meal plan looks delicious and very healthy 🙂

  2. I kept running my mouse over the green letters thinking a recipe link would magically appear! Boo! But guess who got a sub to Cooking Light for Christmas. Watch out!

  3. so…when are you just going to start a section where you copy and paste all these yummy recipes in and we can go print them out?

    no pressure.
    just sayin’.

  4. I seriously need to get to the grocery store for some fruits and veggies. I am in BAD need of them!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Just echoing the call for recipes, or links to same. Your plans are inspirational!

  6. I am always astounded at the variety in your menus!

  7. Ooh, you’re using jicama. I love jicama. For the record, it goes fabulously with pomegranate seeds.

  8. […] 31, 2008 by ebj123 My desire to please won out over my overwhelming laziness and I updated my menu post with recipes.  If there’s something that I still haven’t linked to, it’s because […]

  9. I got to #13, and misread it, thinking “Enchiladas with lard?” And since I’m from Nebraska, I thought, “Hmmm…might taste good…”

    I applaud your menu and ambition. I would fold like a cheap shirt after a week. I’m eating vegan food and I don’t eat that many veggies.

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