Recipe Post Updated

My desire to please won out over my overwhelming laziness and I updated my menu post with recipes.  If there’s something that I still haven’t linked to, it’s because I just cook it without a recipe -For example “Chard” is just Rinse chard, chop up, throw in a pot with garlic sauteed in olive oil, add a little water, and Done.   Although the chard at the grocery store looked awful so we’re having collards instead so already I am living a giant giant lie.


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  1. Eh, chards, collard… it’s a big leafy green thing, so it’s healthy. You can saute pretty much any big leafy green thing with garlic and you’re in good shape.

    Except poison ivy. Don’t try it with poison ivy.

  2. That post is so very awesome.

  3. Thank you for responding to the plea for recipes. Off to the store!

  4. found you from Mary …. (the eleventh)

    Love the way you shortcut for recipes! i do the same and feel badly often …

  5. LOL. YOU ARE LIVING A LIE!! How dare you??? 🙂

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