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First of all, Mr. E, unless you want to know what your Valentine’s Day present is, don’t read this post.  At least until February 15th.

Mr. E and I have a long standing Valentine’s Day tradition – it is the one holiday of the year where we are required to make the other person’s gift.  Over the years I’ve made him t shirts with robots stenciled on them, and lemon bars, and one year I made him a cuff bracelet out of a Dr. Pepper Can and some electrical tape, although I am pretty sure I thought that gift was much awesomer than he did.  I should totally have stolen it back, now that I think about it.

Anyway, this year I am making him a modern gourd birdhouse, like this one, and I can’t decide what color to paint it.

Should I paint it green like Courtney’s, so it achieves that nice mod pear effect?  Even though I am not sure how green is going to with the rest of my house? I want opinions!

Also, I named my vacuum cleaner Charlotte, just so you know.

Anyway, some background for you.  My house is tan ish, I’d say.  Here’s a few pics.

dsc_0005 dsc_0006

In the summer, there will be hydrangeas and dahlias of all kinds of colors in that border in the front, with some peonies off to the side.  In the spring we’ll hopefully have tulips and daffodils.  Eventually (please god make it soon) we’ll get rid of that horrible front door and the metal screen door, and we’ll have a nice wooden front door with glass panes, and a wooden screen door.  Both the front door and screen door will be painted red, and we’ll have a nice vintage brass door knob and such.  I want to cover the gray cement steps with terra cotta tiles, and we need to add the shutters back onto the house and paint some of the trim on the front porch back to white.  I might switch the gray bits on the front to black, in which case we’d do black shutters.

Um, what else? Oh, over on the side of the house,(here’s a bad picture of it)


the half dead asian pear tree is getting removed.  Then we’ll plant an orange tree or maybe a camellia.  We’ re going to take out the red brick pavers and put in a nice iron/metal border and then add some crushed golden colored pea gravel, and then add a bench and some succulents.  This is the bench I want, in the color I want, but since I don’t have $429 for a bench, I might just buy a cheap wooden one and paint it orange.

So, with all of that being said, what color do I paint the birdhouse? It will hang on the tree in the front yard. I am nervous if I paint it green, when combined with my red door, it will look like christmas year round.  But I am nervous if I don’t paint it green, I’ll lose the mod pear effect.  And if I don’t paint it green, what the heck color should I paint it?



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  1. Dude, I don’t know. But I would like to ask that when we buy our old falling down Seattle house, because that is the only kind we’ll be able to buy, you’ll come over and tell me how to fix it up. It became clear, while reading this post, that I have absolutely no talent in this arena WHATSOEVER.

    Although I kind of like the green. It’s not like it’ll be hanging right next to your front door, right?

  2. OK, I kind of want it to be blue, like the shade of the sky in that second-to-last photo.

  3. that’s the cutest little birdhouse ever! i think the pear green would be fine, since it’s a color that’s found in nature. plus, you want it to look like a pear, right? of course, we must see your finished product.

    also? love the name for your vaccuum cleaner!

  4. I think as long as you go with a yellowy green like that mod pear, you will avoid the Christmas feel. Very cute!

  5. I’m with Raven – yellowy green. Or green with yellow dots. Or yellow with green dots. What? Pears can have dots!

  6. I really like the yellowish green too. It would also be cute in a yellowy tan color. The one you are doing out of the gourd is so much cuter than those styrene ones!

  7. I’d go with a nice, citrus-y orange, personally.

  8. I’m voting for the red that your want to use on your front door – unless it will be too much torture to see the color everyday before you can do the rest of your updates. I think it would kill me…..

  9. i think red would be cool, actually. hm.

    also, i would really love to see how you did said soda can cuff. as i think a diet dr. pepper one would be AWESOME.

  10. Such a pretty house and you’ve done a great job on the inside too. It just looks so cozy.

    What about something bright and cheery and a little different for the birdhouse, like an electric blue, or periwinkle?

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