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Is this desk set up cute, or too little kiddley? I can’t decide.

dsc_00051 dsc_0013

Please note, the red desk top wouldn’t be sitting ON the file cabinet in the official version – it would be on these IKEA legs, with the orange file cabinet shoved under it.  The rock is just holding the lid on.  Perk of being married to a geologist – lots of large rocks lying around.

The advantage of this set up is that it gets the orange file cabinet under the desk, instead where it is right now –  shoved up against the living room wall, where I’ll be honest, I don’t love it.   And I love the red desk top so this gives me a chance to use it.  And I feel like it’s way less boring and a lot more fun than what I have going on right now.

The disadvantages are that I already have a desk, which I would then have to unload on Craigslist.  It’s the Jay desk, from West Elm, and here’s what it looks like in my house.


I’ve never loved it, to be honest, but if you think I’m out of my ever loving mind and it’s vastly superior to the orange file cabinet red desk top situation, let me know.  The orange file cabinet doesn’t fit next to or under the Jay desk, btw, so that’s not a solution, but this is the same place the orange/red desk would go in my house.

Oh, and if you hate both of them, maybe just keep that yourself.


11 Responses

  1. I like the red with the orange. I do like the Jay desk, but the orange filing cabinet is awesome and wins in the desk/filing cabinet throwdown. 🙂 That’s my $.02

  2. I like the red/orange combo and with the right accessorizing, it won’t read too kiddish at all.

  3. Gotta go with the Elm desk. It’s just so awesome. Plus, that space looks SO cute with the pictures, etc.

  4. I love the Elm desk, but it looks rather small. So if you need more space, the red/orange combo is great. You can use a lot of brown/dark accents to keep it from looking too kiddish.

  5. orange/red. hands down.

  6. orange/red has more character.

    trade ya’ the jay desk for a large tv…

  7. Kute. Definitely Keep.

  8. Most definitely, the red/orange combo. The WE desk is nice, for sure, but a little small and has much less character than the red/orange. And if you’ve never loved it, then, well, there’s your answer right there.

  9. Orange all the way! I have a soft spot for orange, it’s so cheery!

  10. I think the red/orange combo is super fun, and would bring some cheer to the current set-up. Even better yet, you could always find a funky deco paper to cover the front drawers of the orange file cabinet to bring in some more red and accenting colors to bring in some zip to relate it all together nicely. Wrapping paper and some decoupage glue would be so simple and fun. Definitely give the new options a shot, and have fun with it!

  11. I am loving the orange.
    I am feeling guilty bc the other is west elm
    but honestly. Love the orange.

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