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Seriously, I could not have less to say right now.  Unless you want to hear about how I bought an ottoman.  Or about how I might make some muffins.  Or about how Eli finally took a nap, but only when I let him take a copy of Martha Stewart Living with him.  Also, we’re having chicken for dinner. I know, life of the party over here.

I’ve actually taken to emailing Mr. E descriptions of birds at the feeder, that’s how boring my life is right now.

Seriously, it never stops raining!  I have shit to paint and it won’t stop raining and so here we sit.

What else, what else?

I’m on Week 5 of the Couch to 5K hoo ha but I had to do this morning run on the treadmill because it was raining AGAIN. I don’t mind running in the rain but I don’t want to wreck my IPOD and I feel bad taking Eli out in a rainstorm.   It’s going ok except my ankle hurts all the time.  Not while I run, oddly enough, just afterwards, it aches.  Weird and annoying. I hope God is not trying to tell me to become a swimmer.  I’m not ready for that message.

I ordered some vegetable seeds.  Now I need to have my soil analyzed to find out if I need to build raised beds or what.

I bought some window boxes, and I’m going to grow nasturtiums.

God, I’m boring even myself.

I’ll try to think of something to write.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Oh, I know. Tomorrow I’m going to write about Low Blood Sugar and how it’s the bane of my existence.

Be sure to tune in for that thrill ride.


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  1. I have 37 pounds to lose in about four months. So your weight loss goals ARE interesting to me.

  2. uh…have you read my blog, like EVER? You are FAR less boring than I.

  3. Go easy on the nastursiums – they are definitely the edible flower that just keeps on giving! I planted WAY too many last year and they took over one whole bed in my garden. By the end of the summer I was hacking them out of there with no mercy. And I’m sure there are still seeds in there that will come back this year.

    Your life sounds about like mine right now – only I don’t even bother to write a post!

  4. Am in the same boat.

  5. You’d be surprised by how interesting other people’s so called boring lives are to some people. If anything it’s nice to know we’re all kind of in the same boat. I for one love hearing about your decorating/gardening goals and dreams. I’m really not hard to please.
    I know what you mean though. Feeling boring too. Not always a bad thing. I’ll take boring over drama any day!

  6. Boring? I’ll show you boring: I had pull in a stupid internet quiz. What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You? I was completely out of ideas and not even trying to be interesting. Funny thing is, several people liked it! So the real, boring me doesn’t get the response, but an inane quiz does. Go figure.

  7. that’s cute and funny about Eli needing the MS mag with him to take a nap! whatever gets the job done, right?

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