Baby’s First Docs

Seriously, could you just die?

My child is officially cooler than I am.






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  1. OMG


  2. Your kid is cooler then half of this planet at least! Those are the best damn shoes ever! Where did you find such a cool color?

  3. I wish I could pull those off.

  4. Oh no! I’ve yet to own a pair! (I used to borrow my friend’s in high school…)

  5. Oh, the unbearable cuteness!

  6. dead. I am dead of the cute.

    and SO JEALOUS! I was just looking at those online, I swear, but I don’t think they’re going to work for my kid.

    also, I love that color combo lately, red and aqua blue.

  7. I’m with Cate. LOVE the color combo. And the band-aid on the knee. I swear I wanted a kid when I was 15 just so I could buy him/her little Docs. I can’t wait until R can wear them.

  8. Ahhhhhh! SO EFFING CUTE! Where did you find those? I must have them for my future child(ren).

  9. love the docs and also the striped lounging outfit – it looks so comfy!

  10. Why is this child not in a catalog or something? I mean, look at him!

  11. Dead right now. From the cuteness.

  12. That is AWESOME!!! Baby Docs. He is the coolest kid, but really his mom is even cooler!!!

  13. Wow, those shoes are WAY cool!

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