So, dudes, what’s up?

Here’s what’s up with me.

I bought this blanket chest thingee on Craigslist for $50, and since it came in a shade of “No thank you 1985” oak I wasn’t too fond of, I am in the process of painting it white.  Mr. E chose the color because after I said I wanted it to be cream but not yellow but not too creamy but definitely not yellow and also not too stark white but not a weird dark creamy that clashes with things all the paint chips started to blend together and then I actually started to get offended by how many colors of cream there are in the world and oh my god I was going to choose a way too yellow cream wasn’t I and then I had to walk away from the paint aisle towards lighting.

So Mr. E chose the color and he chose a lovely color, even the name – White Hydrangea – is delightful, which is lucky, because I enjoy repeating the name as I paint coat after coat after coat of the worlds crappiest Home Depot paint.   Seriously, I have painted two coats of primer and four coats of regular paint and the damn thing is still splotchy and I will thank you not to suggest that any of this could be the fault of the painter, and also please remind me of this when I bitch about the cost of non sucky paint when I finally get around to painting my dining room brown, a color I am certain to hate as soon as it is applied (expensively) to my walls. I look forward to covering that up.

There are lots of other thoughts swirling around in my brain – my parents are getting older and I really hate that more than I’d imagined.  Mr. E has declared Zoloft Two Electric Bugaloo to be a failure.  I am making my mom a pillow for  her birthday.  I wish I was better at saving money and I wish I wasn’t so fond of stuff and at the same time I can’t help but wonder where the heck all this stuff came from.  (Maybe there’s a connection there!).  I am delighted beyond measure that my daffodils came up and my tulips have followed and hey! Things I planted grew!  There’s hope for the world yet.

I’m sprouting tomato seeds and pepper seeds and my dining room smells a tidge musty.  I wish my husband would just freaking learn to put away his clean clothes already, for the love of peet.  I’m going to try to make some gluten free irish soda bread for dinner.  Eli’s sleeping is the suck.  I wonder all the time if I should go back to work.  I miss eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning more than I miss beer and pizza and cake combined.

And yet, through it all, I paint.


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  1. White Hydrangea sounds like the perfect color.

    Speaking of painting things white, should I paint my bed white? My bed is black, which I’ve decided I hate, but I love the actual bed. But do I love it enough to spend time/money/energy/sanity painting it white? When I could just BUY a white bed at Ikea this weekend? For cheaper than I value time/money/energy/sanity? I don’t think P is going to go along with either of these plans, but seriously, I need to not have a chipped-black-paint college-era bed anymore.

    And I miss cereal more than beer, pizza and cake combined. Sigh.

  2. I’ve been a bad gluten free girl lately. Shameful.

  3. I am unbelievably impressed by your dedication to gluten-free living. I hate painting – the color picking is so unbelievably stressful and there is no good point at which to say “no, no this is awful. Time to ditch it and start over.”

  4. painting through it is better than drinking through it so, i say…you’re ahead. also better than The Rage(tm) so count yourself a few ahead of where you could be. 🙂

    plus you have that cute (if non-sleeping) boy in aqua docs.
    that’s something right there.

  5. After reading this whole post all I can focus on is: I miss beer too!

  6. I am the world’s worst paint color selector. I finally learned that I should only buy paints that come in those little sample jars at Benjamin Moore. Not because I should actually try the samples, mind you, but simply because a color expert selected them and they are guaranteed to be much better than any color I could pick on my own.

  7. i want to say something help and incredible…so “something helpful and incredible.”


  8. I feel exactly that way about wishing desperately to be a better saver but at the same time wondering how exactly I can make myself stop WANTING! STUFF!
    The only way my husband has EVER put away his own laundry was when I was on bedrest for a month and he had to because the clean piles were starting to topple over.
    Our tulips and daffodils are coming up too. Happy sigh. (Although, I didn’t plant them.) I DID plant a hydrangea bush last spring and I am watching it anxiously for signs of renewed life…

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