I’m starting to realize that pointless and elaborate decorating schemes aside, the order in which we’ll tackle house projects will simply be the order in which things break.

In other news, Mr. E spent his day off working on our new gate.

He spent about fourteen years driving back and forth to Home Depot and explaining to me why the gate couldn’t look the way I wanted it to look, why the picture in my idea book wasn’t going to work out.

I gently suggested (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) that he might want to try a real lumber store and see what they had to say.  After much moaning about how he certainly didn’t think he’d be walking into a lumber yard clutching his wife’s idea book in his hand, he departed, clutching my idea book in one hand, and returned with a Jetta trunk full of redwood boards and the instructions he needed to build me the  gate I had requested.

I pointed out that once again teamwork had come to our rescue.  Mr. E remains highly suspicious of all endeavors involving teams and or work, and has yet to be convinced of the advantage of combining these dubious forces.

I can’t help but wonder what’s going to break next.  I am hopeful that it might be our wretched front door, but I’m guessing it’s going to be something highly non decorative, like a 1998 Jetta Carburator.


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  1. On the plus side, I highly doubt your Jetta has a carburetor. That’s seriously old-school 1970s pre-fuel-injection. So it will probably be something like the water pump. Or the clutch, if it’s a stick shift.

    You could always…ahem…hasten the demise of your front door in a creative way…

  2. I’m excited to see your gate!

    Also: I don’t even know where the real lumber yard around here is, I guess I should figure that out.

  3. It has been my experience that the stuff you like in your home (like, say, the light fixture in your kitchen) will break long before the stuff you hate (the nasty plastic tile on your bathroom wall) unless you do a little creative breaking of your own. Not sure how to sabotage a door, but I’m sure you can think of something.

  4. You have just described every single weekend at my house. Right down to the moaning and complaining about why my good ideas won’t work.

    I agree with the others. You must take drastic action against your front door, unless you want to spend next weekend watching Mr. E. do some plumbing or something equally as dull.

  5. Please send your husband to come build things for me. I just need one fence picket put up and I’m scratching my head as how to make sure it stays put. Or rather, send a mail order husband who’s handy!

  6. gate pictures!

    also, i second (or third) the “helping” of the demise of your front door.

    bonus: taking a hammer to it might be therapeutic! 😀

  7. Am thinking an ax to that front door would do the trick 🙂

    Or giving Senor Pants a giant “canvas” for which to paint and draw on with sharpies….?

  8. I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures of the gate. And building it from your own lumber? That sounds akin to brain surgery!

    Apparently, my husband and I are complete idiots when it comes to home improvement.

    What’s this “idea” book? Is that something that you put together? We’re starting to look for a house and it sounds like something I might need to do for myself. Thanks!

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