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Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? At least I hope that it is and I didn’t totally make that up, but regardless, Mr. E has been writing me a poem every day and emailing it to me. Which is all kinds of awesome, I think you’ll agree.  Some of his poems are actually quite lovely.  It’s very romantic, I think.

I haven’t committed to writing a poem EVERY DAY because long term involvement in broad social movements makes me nervous but sometimes I get inspired and write poems back to him.

Here’s my poem of the day for Mr. E.  It was, you could say, loosely inspired by real life events.

Poem of the Day

I love you very much my dear
more than the sun and the stars combined
more than you can imagine in this whole life

but if you take my fracking towel out of the bathroom
one more time
and leave me stranded
dripping and cold
in the icy bathroom

i shall have no choice
but to urinate
on your toothbrush.


13 Responses

  1. Man, this solidifies how damn cool I think you are.

  2. I think this is the best poem that I’ve ever read because I actually understand what the poet is trying to convey!

  3. Excellent entry.

  4. I used to dream about marrying a black turtlenecked bespectacled philosophy major, a guy who liked to go to poetry slams and university area coffee shops and book readings and who would sit up late at night discussing Great Literature and The Meaning Of The Universe. I ended up with a man who built me my own TiFaux, which is more my speed anyway, and I have long since made my peace with marrying a computer geek instead of a poet.


    (Also! I am the one who steals the towels. Know why? Because if I didn’t, he’d never put it in the wash and when I am trying to give the babies a bath I have to smell his putrid revolting towel and OMG WHY WON’T HE LEARN?)

  5. There is loud applause coming from West Texas.

  6. April IS National Poetry Month! You didn’t make it up.

    I’m wondering if toothbrush defilement can also be used to punish post-shower towel-wadding-up, especially when said towel is wadded into an airtight towel ball that is then thrown behind a door, left to become a stinky and disgusting sour towel ball that, say, THE WIFE will have to unwad and also wash.

  7. I like to think that this is the wife’s response to William Carlos Williams after he eats her plums from the icebox.

  8. considering that wcw poem is actually about screwing a much younger girl while still married, i’m hoping his wife did more than pee on his toothbrush…although that’d be a good start. 😀

    OH and to just fly my dorky english major flag a little higher, i will recommend that you sign up for the poem of the day at http://www.poets.org. it’s good stuff and might be inspiring in your future retorts, although this one would be hard to top.

  9. hilarious!!

  10. I love that “long term involvement in broad social movements” makes you nervous. Ha ha ha!

  11. LOL. I used to write poetry alll the time, but my husband finds it corny, so I don’t write to him anymore.

    (Also-Don’t you love how behind I am on my damn Reader? A post from APRIL for fuck’s sake, and it’s mid-May! Sheesh. I suck)

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