I’ve Got Questions. You’ve Got Answers?

1. I want to grow grass on my bathroom window sill.  Not THAT kind of grass, just like, decorative wheatgrass or something.  So I need a skinny long metal bin sort of thing. Any idea what I could use? What I should search for on Ebay or Etsy? I thought maybe an old loaf pan, but they are too wide and not long enough and they also look like…well, loaf pans.  I saw the perfect thing in the CB2 catalog I just got and of course they don’t sell it, it’s just for DECORATION or whatever,  which, hi, I find to be uber lame.   When the only thing I want to buy in your catalog is some crap your stylist found at a flea market maybe you should just be selling the crap your stylist buys at the flea market.  Except these.  These I love and I think I might have to hang them from my ceiling or something. Luckily for me they actually sell them in their store.  Remarkable.

That reminds me of this story I think I have told before about how whenever Mr. E sees gourds in the grocery store, like around halloween time they have those big bins of small gourds for sale?  Anyway, he always freaks out whenever he sees them and one time he admitted that when he was a freshman in college he and his roommate Andrew bought a bunch of these gourds and hung them from the doorway of their dorm room, and after he was done telling this story I just looked at him and said “Seriously? What did girls say when they came over?!” and he looked right back at me and said “Oh hon.  Girls never came to our room.”

2.  What do you think of this yellow clutch?  I decided I needed something to carry all my crap around in at my sister in law’s wedding this summer.  I’m  either going to be wearing a pink as hell sashy v neck dress from J Crew or a navy v neck shirt with a poofy yellow skirt.  But I am undecided on the clutch.  Please don’t tell me the sashy thing is over and tired because that’s just how it is, the dress comes with a sash.  Let’s just be happy I’m not wearing a Snuggle and be done with it.

3.  Regarding point 2, do you say “blouse” when you mean fancy shirt from Anthropologie that costs $88 dollars?  Because I find the word blouse to be kind of distasteful.  It reminds me old ladies and their bras, for some reason.  But I honestly don’t know what other word I would use. I almost had an emotional breakdown during all four seasons of Felicity because she would not stop using the word “top” when she obviously meant sweater, so maybe I just have a fancy shirt word disorder or something.

4.  So I started painting the trim on the front of my house, but it was so peely and gross that I decided I had to scrape it first.  I couldn’t bring myself to just slap a coat of paint on top of the crusty mess that other people had already slapped seven trillion layers of paint on.  But then after I scraped, not that much of  the paint or stucco or god knows what else came off. So if I paint over that, you’ll totally see the bits where I scraped.  What do I do now? Sand down all the rest of the layers that won’t chip off?  Why am I now having a weird vision of myself spending all summer slaving over a hot power sander?  Sigh.

I love it when something that sounds so easy during a pre buying house walk through or written down on a to do list replace floors! Buy a gas stove! Paint the trim white! new gate! replace the front door!) turns out to be a giant giant pain in the ass project, don’t you?  And yet somehow it’s so easy to write these things on a list or dismissively tick them off quickly when buying the house to begin with.  You never remember how much the actual painting part sucks until you sit down to actually paint.

Wow, I am all kinds of deep today, eh?

5.  Has anyone out there ever used Yolo paint? I was planning on going Benjamin Moore all the way, but the color range of Yolo really appeals to me.  I get overwhelmed so easily when it comes to paint colors and there just aren’t enough Yolo colors to really freak anyone out.  Opinions?

6.  Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to put a window back in a house?  The jack asses who flipped my house removed two of the living room windows.  Before I do built ins, I was wondering if  maybe I should put the windows back in? But I have no idea if we’re talking $500 dollars or $15,000 dollars, you know?

7.  Any ideas for cheap mother’s day presents that aren’t pictures of my child? (That chip has already been cashed many many times.)  We have about nine presents to give in the month of May, so the  cheaper the better.  Books?  Necklaces?  Just cards?

8.  Is $24 dollars a good price for four pairs of summer pajamas, or should I buy them at Target?  The child own no summer pajamas, somehow, and he can’t sleep in just a diaper because he’ll take it off and start crying at the injustice of the pant less state.  He’s so high maintenance, that one.

9.  I am trying to think of random things to ask you now just because I want this list to be ten things long.  A little crazy?  Yessir.

10.  How great would it be if they would just hurry up and invent the Diet Coke Slurpee already?  The time is NOW, 7 Eleven peeps – I have tried that Crystal Light business you’ve been trying to pass off for three summers now and I am not having it. DIET COKE SLURPEES or NOTHING!


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  1. So, I like the clutch a lot. But I’m actually very handbag stupid, so I may not be the one to ask. (Seriously, great taste in shoes; poor taste in purses.)

    I say top because I hate blouse, too. And NOTHING Felicity does is wrong. The End.

    Etsy has great gift guides for Mother’s Day. I bought my mom a really pretty plate with “Nana” on it.

    Babies R Us has great sleep separates for both babies and toddlers/little boys. I believe they’re all from Amy Coe, but they’re adorable and we’ve bought Kyle four pairs so far. They’re 2/$16. Old Navy has some too, but I don’t think their selection is as impressive (perhaps that’s just our Old Navy, though).

  2. Love the clutch.

    I say top for nicer stuff. Tee for cotton. Button up for things with buttons. Sweater for sweaters and blouse only if it has a y on the end of it as in blousey top-but alas spell check is telling me that is not actually a word.

    Plants with flower blooms make good gifts, gardening supplies in a garden cart or cute planter (if the mom in question is into gardening-my mom is), troll Etsy as Jennie suggested?

    Re: Paint. Sand or scrapping is usually how to deal with that situation…but how about a chemical stripper? You could even get that one that is supposed to be environmentally sound.

    No clue on the windows.

    No love for Diet Coke from me but mad Slurpee love, sadly there are no 7-11’s in my area.

  3. Dangit. That ^ is me. Forgot to log the husband out.

  4. I have ordered these for mothers day before: they turned out awesome and were super reasonable price.


    I hope you can see that. The lady who did these for me will still do custom orders. I had emmett’ s name on it with the Granny’s…. .

  5. 1. uhhhhhh, that’s the kind of thing I would ask YOU
    2. love
    3. I only recently started saying “blouse” again because I needed a word that was more elegant/grown up than “shirt”. But now I’m rethinking, thanks.
    4.OMG this is why we have the internet, so we can google “who will come over and paint my trim”, so we don’t have to do it ourselves.
    5. Ha. See question 4.
    6. I am guessing a lot. But I know lots of people who put in new windows, so it must not be THAT bank breaking. I am so helpful.
    7. I am wondering too. I was going to do one of those photo book things, but it’s probably too late to order. And my mom doesn’t like jewelry or anything scented or anything have to do with spas. So. I have no idea. I will probably buy her plants for her yard, but that’s not an option for you, right?
    8. I think that is an excellent price.
    9. I have the same problem.
    10. That cola flavor everyone likes so much is from the DEVIL. That’s all I have to say about that.

    Don’t say I didn’t try…

  6. Okay, I don’t have answers for all or even most of these, but I have the same shirt word disorder as you. Blouse reminds me of exactly the same thing: old ladies and their bras, except the old ladies I envision are always overweight and they always have mousy brown perms. What is that all about?

    Our to-do list when we decided to buy this shithole, I mean, quaint charmer of a house? Replace all siding and windows, new flooring, kitchen and bathroom renovation, painting everything in sight, and removing approximately 3/4 acre of English ivy. No biggie, right?

  7. 1. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80125384

    2. Love the clutch.

    3. The word “blouse” is on my list of words that trip my gag reflex. Also on the list: ointment, moist, and mucus.

    4. Sand it off. You won’t be able to ignore the messed up trim if you don’t, and it will bother you EVERY TIME YOU SEE IT.

    5. Nope.

    6. We put in a window (did it ourselves) and the total cost was about $400 ($350 for the window, $50 in other bits and pieces).

    7. No idea. I don’t even have the pics of kid idea to fall back on – my mom won’t think it’s funny if I give her a pic of my dog and caption it “first grandchild.”

    8. $24 seems cheap to me.

  8. 1. I almost posted the exact same thing as Buster, but then I realized that maybe it would be too wide for a window ledge? If so, look into kitchen drawer organizers. This one is not metal or even very fancy, but it or something LIKE it could probably be painted or in some other way fancified): http://www.spacesavers.com/drawer-organizer-392.html

    2. I like it. Yellow is the new, Oh yeah.

    3.Same probs with the word blouse over here. I pretty much always say shirt. Maybe sometimes I say top.

    4 & 5. Sand it off, yes. I think Dooce recently-ish did a favorable review of yolo paint.

    6. I think it’s clower to the $500 mark. Especially if there used to be windows there before, I’d guess. UNLESS they really buggered it up closing them up.

    7. Not a clue. Sorry. I leave the in-law up to Alex (which I probably shouldn’t) and well…my mom….

    8. I think $24 seems good, but you have to know that we also often put Georgia to bed in a tshirt and soft pants (what we call baby sweats) or nothing in the summer.

    9. I am all for rounding things out.

    10. I am partial to Zero, actually.

  9. HaySoos – where do I even start with this? I had to open the comments in a new tab just to reference the original post!!!

    1. I JUST bought exactly that thing at (of all places) Wally World – it was in the gardening section and had herb seeds and peat pellets that came in it! Lemmeno if you want a picture – it’s kinda coppery.

    2. Clutch is TRE awesome!

    3. I DETEST the word blouse and will never use that word as long as I live. However, I call them Tops. I do call a sweater a sweater and a tshirt a tshirt.

    4. Use paint stripper – it’s all kinds of fun! Really – it’s fast! Wear a mask and gloves or you’ll be sorry.

    5. Never heard of Yolo because I am lame and not hip – ever.

    6. My guess on a normal size window is about $1200-$1500. I am, of course, basing that on absolutely nothing but pure genius.

    7. I got nothin

    8. That sounds pretty good to me.

    9. I’d do exactly the same thing.

    10. Crystal Light sucks! Down with Crystal Light!

  10. I once had a Diet Coke slurpee. Pinky Swear.

    But then never found one again…

  11. We used the Yolo paint and were really happy with it, until we needed a nursery and didn’t think the dark clay red would look so great for our baby’s room. We used another low-VOC paint (American Pride?) and that also turned out really well. I would do the Yolo again, though.

    I would kill for a Diet Coke Slurpee.

  12. It sounds like you’ll probably end up having to use a sander on the trim, or a chemical paint remover. Also – if you’re looking at Benjamin Moore, look at the Aura colours – there aren’t that many to be overwhelmed by AND the paint goes on AMAZINGLY. It’s a little more expensive but totally worth it in my opinion.

  13. And I HATE Crystal Light.

  14. 1. Love the idea of the grass in the windowsill. (a) Not to sound smart-assed or anything, but have you looked at window box planters? My Tuesday Morning store had some really slender ones, aluminum or something silvery with an etched design, and in any case if they were a little wider than your sill, there is hardware you can use, scrolled supports or just plain hidden hardware, to hold it in place. (b) check out ceramic planters. I just bought a rectangular blue and white ceramic planter (at Walgreens, can you believe) for the exact same purpose, except I’m putting grass in it and placing it on the coffee table.

    4. Take a look at http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/diy_kits/article/0,2019,DIY_13787_5569778,00.html
    I wouldn’t recommend using a chemical stripper. Do recommend a small, one-hand size sander like some Dremel makes, although others make them, too.

    I also had a Diet Coke slurpee too, once only, in Florida. But I have converted to Zero.

  15. The only thing I can answer is the Pajama question. Yes, that is a good price. I recently bought my kids new pajamas and yeesh, they’re expensive. $20 for boys pj pants and $20 per set for girls. I was able to find a 2 for 1 Hello Kitty set for $25, and then I just ended up buying some cheap lightweight cotton shorts and a few packages of undershirts. Much cheaper.

  16. LOVE the yellow clutch. It’s divine 🙂

  17. OK…
    LOVE the clutch

    BLOUSE always makes me think of the gawd- awful ‘shirt’ my Mom made me wear in my 2nd grade pictures (forever traumatized)

    And, most important…WHERE OH WHERE did you find PJ’s 4 for $24?!!

  18. Love the clutch, and ditto Slurpee.

  19. I don’t like the word blouse either. I say shirt, top, or dressy top.
    As for mother’s day gifts, my mom loves marzipan, a fancy marzipan bar or two isn’t that expensive. Also lately, I’ve been having lots of fun giving people photo mosaics as gifts (make the mosaics at bighugelabs.com and ordering prints from flickr.)

  20. I would SOOOO buy the Diet Coke slurpee!! I would be their Best! Customer! Ever!

    I had one of those mugs that you freeze and then pour your drink in and it makes your own slurpee. It’s ok. No comparison to one from the convenience store tho.

  21. 1. LOVE the astro balls, although I thought of something else as soon as I saw the name. As for growing grass on your windowsill….you should be able to find some small pots that look like loaf pans. Although, I’m commenting 17000 years after this post, so you probably got it all figured out and already grew 12 inches of grass on your windowsill. If not, how about lemongrass? Mmmmm
    2. LOVE the clutch! Piperlime has some way sexy yellow wedges right now that would go perfect!
    3. I hate the word blouse. I dont know why.
    And…that’s all I got. I could go on and on about painting (LOVE to paint interior walls), but again, you’ve probably finished all this stuff.

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