Rain?! I didn’t order rain!  And my jeans are too tight.  And Eli woke up at 6 AM screaming and will only eat cookies.  Sigh.

Anyhoo –

Pants and I are spending the morning with the pediatric gastroenterologist.  Wish us much luck and few blood draws, would you?


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  1. Good luck, good luck! Especially with the blood draws. I’ve needed a lot of them in my life, and they’re really a pain. I can only imagine it’s a lot worse for a kid.

  2. And already I’m realizing that saying it’s a pain isn’t very reassuring. But it’ll be fine. It will! Good luck, good luck, good luck!

  3. Best of luck. It may not be fun to go to the tummy/guts doctor… but hopefully things will be super-great.

    Send your rain our way. We don’t want hail, but we’ll take the free water!

  4. Getting to this late, so hope it went well!

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