Stabby Part Two

Just in case I decide to sue someone’s ass later on down the road, I’m not going to say too much about the doctor’s appointment on Friday.  Just that we’ll be finding a new pediatrician, STAT.  And that we have to repeat all of the blood tests that Eli has already had.  Which means I held my baby down while they drew his blood for NOTHING and every time I repeat that little tidbit of information to anyone my voice gets high and I feel the rage coming on, so that’s fun.  Oh, Cystic Fibrosis has come up for a THIRD time and I am really really so very tired of having that conversation, so hopefully we’ll be ruling that out for once and for all.

I am very glad we went to the specialist, but I am very pissed off at our pediatrician, and I’m a little pissed off at myself.  I know better. I know better than to just listen to the first doctor who comes along.  I know better.

The good news is that the specialist looked right at me and said “I don’t care what the test results say, I trust mother’s intuition every time.  If this is what you think, then this is what we’re going to do.”  Amen to that.


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  1. Specialist sounds fantastic. I’ve already abandoned my first pediatrician and acted like a crazy person on the phone with our second pediatrician attempt. My reasoning is: if I can’t be crazy when it comes to my child, when can I be crazy?

    That specialist is right, by the way. Your gut is right.

  2. Hooray for the specialist!

  3. I don’t know what it is about pediatricians – I have yet to meet one that I think REALLY gets it. Thankfully I haven’t had any serious health concerns, but even when I ask about minor concerns, I usually have to disregard anything they say and go figure it out on my own. When Asher was 6 months old I got the old “Is he sleeping though the night?” And I said, no, he still eats once, and the ped is all, “Well, then don’t feed him.” Easy for HIM to say, you know? Drives me nuts. I hope the specialist works out.

  4. I’m sorry you had such a CRAP experience! I gave up on Peds long ago and now my kids go see an open-minded Pediatric Nurse Practitioner instead and she is awesome!

    I wish you the BEST of luck w/the specialist and the next steps.

  5. I’ve been wondering about all this. SO SO SO sorry to hear that something went wrong. Very glad to hear about the specialist. We had an awful ped in the beginning, I like to think I would have fired him, but luckily we moved away. I knew from that experience though that i had to ask a lot of questions before hiring ANYONE. And get lots of referrals too. Good luck, dear!

  6. We had to repeat blood draws because our ped office screwed up and I still haven’t gotten over being totally pissed off. I demanded a prescription for Emla cream to numb L up for the redraw. I am sorry you had such a crap experience.

  7. I hate them for you.

  8. Well, the specialist sounds like a keeper at least.

    Stabby indeed to the rest of them.

  9. oh man- good luck with everything!

  10. I am so sorry. I’m angry at them for you.

    And I agree, moms are always right.

  11. Stabby is putting it mildly. I hated the first pediatrician we had. He made me soooo angry one (or 10) too many times. And yes, go with your gut.

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