Escape to Sacramento

Dudes, I have been waiting absolutely YEARS to announce this!

You know how sometimes people will write some vague hoo ha on their blog about they have a big bloggy secret, but they can’t tell you yet because it’s still in the works and it’s a secret and they are totally NOT pregnant but they have a big bloggy secret and it’s so great you won’t be able to stand it and it’s totally obnoxious because who wants to hear about some secret that you can’t even know about for weeks if maybe EVER?  Am I right or what? Totally annoying.

Anyway, I have a BIG BLOGGY SECRET!  But because I am obvs not totally annoying (at least most of the time), I am going to tell you about it RIGHT NOW.

So, a long time ago in a internetland far far away, some of the most lovely ladies of the internet and I started thinking about going to Blogher, but then my husband got furloughed and registration was $300 and they didn’t give me a scholarship and then the darn thing SOLD OUT in about twelve minutes and that is when the wheels started to turn and ya’all – we are having our own great big internet party. !!!!!!  Totally NOT called Fake Blogher so we don’t get sued.

I will be hosting the party in Sacramento this fall, along with Maggie, Jennie, and Emily.  And because at our house we believe in inviting all the kids in the class to the party, EVERYONE is invited!

We even have a button that Maggie designed!

escape to sac button

She is very fancy with her internet ways.  I heard a rumor she has a TEST BLOG and I really don’t even know what that is, but it sounds impressively high tech.  On the other hand she is married to a computer type person and I am married to a rock type person, so although I have a lot of very nice rocks at my disposal, I have to fix the computer using Google and the power of my mind.  Not that Maggie needs a MAN to be a computer genius, or whatever.  Never mind.

Anyhoo, we seem to be getting off the subject.

Come One, Come All, Except Stalkers – Escape to Sacramento will be hosted at my house – from Friday September 25th to Sunday September 27th.  If you’re the cramming into a tent in a backyard kind of person, we have a tent, but otherwise there is a hotel located just around the corner from my house.  We will be spending three ish glorious days wine tasting, pedicuring, shopping at H and M, lying around doing nothing, and eating carbs.  Oh, and playing Emily’s HGTV drinking game.  And best of all, sleeping through the night.

If you want to come, just let one of us know and we’ll email you with more details, the code for the button, all that kind of hoo ha.

I can’t wait to see you all, and I promise I am totally not as scary as I seem on the internet.  Also, Maggie already has her plane ticket and is clearly awesome,and Emily and Jennie are two of my most favorite internet ladies, so you have nothing to be scared of!  You know you want to come!

I am so excited! Big bloggy Secret Number One*, revealed.

P.S. *There is not Big Bloggy Secret Number Two, it just sounded better that way.


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  1. Oh, this is exciting! I wish I were closer to Sacramento, darn it.

  2. I’m giddy (GIDDY) about the news being out there and all official like now. I’m even more giddy that I’ll be seeing you in four short months.

    Start chilling the wine now.

  3. I will be talking to the hubs, like immediately.

  4. Dude. Could you make me sound any nerdier? Now people will be there IN SPITE OF my presence. Also: everything Phillip learned about web design he learned from me. Which is not that much. But still. In this area I lay the spousal smackdown.

  5. Okay you know this already but so that it is official, hubs is down-I am IN!

  6. Maggie, I like you MORE because of your mad computer skillz. Seriously. You and I can drunkenly talk coding on Elizabeth’s patio.

  7. VERY cool. How fun is that going to be?

  8. So I’ve discussed this with my favorite Jennie and I will be in attendance as well. I’m postively GIDDY also.

    Also, I expect you will make me some beets, no?

  9. I am not far from you at all!!!! but will be in oklahoma for a wedding that very weekend. Bugger.

    Didn’t know there were some cool local bloggers nearby!

  10. How bummed am I that BlogHer, in which I’n not really interested, is driving distance from me, while this, which I would absolutely LOVE to attend, is halfway across the country?!? Not that I’m ruling it out, but the logistics will just be much more difficult. MAN!!!!!

  11. Shoot, I just remembered I will have a nine-month-old. Who will most certainly not be weaned by then. 😦 You ladies will have an incredible time, though!

  12. I got Jennie’s e-mail, and even though I am supposed to be in Switzerland for work (and also am dragged, kicking and screaming, to the in-laws’ house in Sac monthly), I’m kinda hoping my work trip is changed so I can go to this. Sounds super fun!

  13. If only….

    color me jealous!

    You are going to have so many good things to share afterwards though! Yay!

  14. I’ve been all SQUEEE all day! I am soo excited! And like I said earlier, I will sleep on the floor of your garage, or in a tent, or hell, I’ll sleep IN your car! (promise I’m not a stalker!) I am sooo excited! Can I drool over your grapevines and lemon tree?? (still so jealous)

  15. I am reassured by the many nice rocks at your disposal. I will be availing myself of them for the backyard bonfire.

  16. Hi- I’m a reader/friend of Maggie’s and she was just telling me about this get-together. It sounds like SO much fun! If I wasn’t going to still be nursing baby #2 in September, I would totally be there. Next year, seriously, I’m in.

  17. ooh, that sounds like loads of fun! what an awesome idea.

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