With All The Colors of the Wind

Lard help me, I just bought actual paint for the inside of my actual house.  Like, paint in several in colors other than white. And I am going to put it on my walls! I know! (PS My life is boring. )

As those of you know who have seen the inside of my house, we’ve been mulling over paint colors for almost exactly a year now – one of the first thigns we did after we moved in was haul ass over to the Benjamin Moore store and buy a bunch of sample pots and slap colors up on the wall, all of which we hated instantly, on sight.  Then we lost our mojo and second guessed color choices over and over.  I searched Flickr obsessively to see what other people had chosen to paint their dining rooms and more than a few times wondered if the “paint every room a different bright color” trend had passed and I won’t lie, more days than I care to say, Mr. E came home to find some random HGTV show paused because the people buying or selling their house had painted their living room the perfect shade of greige and I needed him to look at it.

We need to paint badly – not only because of the splotches and the really bad paint job the flippers did, but also because it’s so easy to put off doing anything else until the rooms are painted. We don’t want to hang art or mirrors or patch holes or buy a door or refinish the floors until the walls are painted, but every room needs paint and the state of california likes to talk a lot about whether or not fire my husband or just to pay him less and less with every passing month, and have you seen the price of that Aura paint? I am sure it is magical mystical stuff but for $55 dollars a gallon plus tax the shit should paint itself on the wall, for goodness sake.  And since I just didn’t have $600 to coat my house in gold, the painting wasn’t happening.

Anyway, this weekend I made a long list of all the projects we need to get moving on, and Mr. E chose “paint” as the one he wanted to knock out most.  I believe “let’s just go to Lowe’s and freaking get some paint already” was what he said, and then I read someone’s blog post talking about much they liked the Martha Stewart Valspar paint colors and how you shouldn’t be afraid to slap some color on your walls and you all know how I feel about Martha.  (Pro.  Very very pro.)  And the Valspar paint is $25 dollars a gallon and doesn’t come with the side of bitchiness that the ladies at the BM store seemed to be cultivating, so that’s what we went with.  Feel free to tell me how great Valspar paint is.  If you hate it, let’s just keep that to ourselves, shall we? 🙂

Anyway, to choose our paint  colors I just described to Mr. E what I was going for (“like an old castle.  Faded.  No, more faded.  Like collegiate limstone”) and he would pull out the paint chips that he though matched what I was talking about.  Eli assisted by pulling out all the purple paint chips and throwing them on the floor.

So, we’re painting the fireplace French Ivory, the accent wall in the living room Bedford Gray, the dining room Book Cloth Brown, and the entryway Deep Cowslip 3.  Eventually we’ll paint the rest of the living room some random cream color, our bedroom and both hallways some random yellow ish cream color, and the kitchen and Eli’s room green.  The bathroom is still up for debate, but I am guessing it will also be random cream tan.

Pictures to follow.  Although now we actually to have to paint, which I predict will be very annoying.  Hmmm.  That is a flaw in the plan, isn’t it?


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  1. This is SO EXCITING. (P.S. What do you mean, “boring”?)


    also, we’re still in the buy samples, slap them up and hate them phase and we’re going on a year in the house sooo…don’t feel too bad. 🙂

    also also, why didn’t i know about GREIGE as a color option? or rather, why didn’t i know that that was the name of the color i’ve been calling kind of clay but sort of tannish but not really brown.

  3. HOORAY for painting!

    I can’t wait to see them!

  4. Ooooh! Exciting. And/or terrifying. I find that I LURVE a certain paint color with ALL OF MY BEING until it’s actually on the entire surface of the wall. Then I’m not so sure love is the right term. So now I have an entire house painted colors I used to like when they were in the can. I wish you much better luck (I’m sure it will be awesome. And I’ll tell you that when I SEE IT IN SEPTEMBER!).

  5. Good luck! Painting is such a hassle, but looks so great when you’re done (so good, sometimes, that you think “Oh, I could do that to another room, no problem!”)

  6. Can I just put in a plug for Aura paint? Yes, it is pricey per gallon, but (a) you do not need primer and (b) it is very thick and you need less paint. AND it does not smell, and dries in an hour. Yes, AN HOUR AND OFTEN ONE COAT WILL DO IT. I used it for the whole downstairs of my house, and it was great (less work, less stress, house put back together the very same day), plus no way did it wind up being much more expensive.

  7. Can’t wait to see pictures! I think my kitchen in my old house was that Cowslip color…is yours kind of a goldy-yellow?

  8. By the way, I worked for Valspar in another life. Their home office is in Minneapolis and I worked for them for 10 years. And my spouse and I DID use their products when we had that faux painting business here in Houston and they do have good quality stuff. However, so does Behr (carried by Home Depot). As long as the walls are prepped properly, most of the better paint labels will get good results. Of course, you may or may not like the color choice once it is on the wall. We always painted up a sample board for potential clients and left it with them for a few days. Then they can see a fairly large swath without actually putting it on the walls, and it can be viewed in natural daylight, plus artificial light at night.

  9. Patient as possible.

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