The World is My Oyster

So you’ve probably noticed that as soon as the economy tanked, everyone started talking about how cheap it is to travel now, and how if you’re ever going to travel now is the time to do it, how the airlines are practically giving away tickets to Spain for free, OMG if you are ever going to get on a plane and do it then do it now you fools.  Etc etc etc.  Which of course would have been awesome possum especially since Mr. E has simply wads of time off thanks to getting all furloughed up right and left every twelve minutes except of course that when you get furloughed it means they do not pay you and now we have no money for things like trips to Spain, you know?

But then gods smiled down upon us and overbooked our flight from Atlanta and we really had nowhere to be the next day and they’d put us up for free in a hotel for a night and we’d get right back on a plane the next morning and this was the first time we’d bought a ticket for Eli and that is how Delta Airlines ended up giving me $57 dollars worth of Starbucks airport food and also $1200 dollars FOR FREE.


I mean, we could go to Paris! We could go to Hawaii!  We could go to Greece or Jamaica or Finland or Israel!  We could go to Peru and I don’t even know where that is!

I am overwhelmed with possibilities.

I’d really LOVE to go to Thailand or Australia but I dont think our TWELVE HUNDRED DELTA DOLLARS will get us quite that far, but I’m curious…where would go, in my shoes? Tell me where I should go, peeps of the internet!


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  1. I don’t know where you should go — pretty much anywhere — but that is AWESOME.

  2. LOVED Ireland…….

  3. I second Ireland!

    Or Greece, or Thailand…

    Someplace truly unique and fantastic. Hawaii is still the US. That’s boring 😉

  4. The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island in Hawaii. You have a child. You have house projects. You have a husband who is furloughed. You need to SIT AND DO NOTHING. Preferably with a novel and a big ass drink in your hands. HAWAII CAN DO THESE THINGS

    (Or maybe I just wanna go back REAL BAD.)

  5. Oh god, I kind of hate you right now. THE MALDIVES!

  6. Ireland. You must go to Ireland. I have been there twice (I lived there for five weeks fer cryin’ out loud) and I still think of it fondly. Of course it might have been all the beer…

  7. Fly into Miami and rent a car, drive down Hwy 1 through the Keys, and stop everywhere along the way. Our kids LOVED it! The trick is to have no expectations and no timetable – that was really hard for me but I’m so glad we did it. So many great places to eat, beaches to see and play on, dolphins to swim with, music and relaxation. And it really wasn’t that expensive. I wanna go again (can you tell?!)

  8. Vieques, Puerto Rico. It’s a small island off of the mainland that is breathtakingling beautiful. A crowded beach has about 3 people on it. You can snorkel right off the beach (I saw a sea turtle!!!). You should stay at Evamer ( or you could try At The Waves. Go to to look at pics of both. It is truly breathtaking there! We are going back this year after honeymooning there 2 years ago.

    Best of luck finding a great place to go!!

  9. My favourite places have been Greece, New Zealand, Cambodia, Wales, Scotland and Hawaai. But you have to take the child into account – you want cheap childcare. Fiji?

  10. I’ve always wanted to go to Hong Kong. It’s my favorite subject of travel shows.

  11. Holy crap! That is the most awesome thing EVER.


    I would go to Italy or Greece in a hot second.

  12. From California? Hrm. I’d go to Hawaii, personally — no customs! But if you’re thinking out of country (and why not?), how about Sydney? Of course, that’s only if it’s two of you going.

    For three… hrm. Hawaii is still within reach. And how about Alaska? See some of the glaciers before they all melt!

  13. WOW, that is completely awesome. Well done, you guys!

  14. Alex and I were JUST talking about how we wished we were in a position to take one of these offers sometime. (We’d both been in the position several times, but without the TIME.)

    Hmmmmmmm….I don’t KNOW where. Batlimore? 🙂

  15. Italy was awesome, just awesome. You lucky lucky duck!

  16. Go on a beach vacay to Belize! Stay on the coast but you could always drive inland to see some ruins. I’ve never been but it’s my next big vacation!

  17. That is awesome! Where ever you go, I know you’ll have a good time!

  18. I have no idea what you are looking for in a vacation, but we loved Costa Rica and are planning on taking our baby boys there when they’re a little older, because we think they’ll really enjoy it. Monkeys! Beaches! Plus, it’s a short flight.

    Or if you’re not taking Eli, I recommend anywhere you haven’t been. 🙂

  19. Without a doubt, hands down, Spain.

    Runners up: Lithuania, Croatia, British Columbia, New Zealand

  20. first off, awesome!

    secondly, if I had $1200 right now, my top two picks would be Berlin (my favorite city in the world) or anywhere in Belgium. Or I guess you could go to both with one flight!

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