You Be The Judge

So tell me, oh wise and powerful internet, did I just paint my dining room purple?


Or can I tell myself it’s greige and move on?


But seriously, how hawt do those white flowers look against my new purple walls!?


PS Please ignore my filthy kitchen, my ghetto back door, and those weird blotches the chandelier makes on the walls.



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  1. I LOVE it and want to use that color in my house! I’ll bet it can look like a million different colors depending on the time of day and the light. Leave it unless you absolutely hate it!

  2. very slightly purplish-gray, looks great

  3. I really like the color!

  4. I love it! And I’m in love with the chandaleir! Make peace and move on! 🙂

  5. I LOVE it! And don’t call it purple. You are only doing yourself a disservice. It’s beautiful. Don’t change a thing!

  6. I actually don’t think purple at all. But I’m tired and high on Diet Coke. I don’t think you want to go with what I see.

  7. DEF greige….. but it’s fab!!

  8. No. Definitely NOT purple. Lovely color, whatever it’s called. 🙂

  9. I like it. And its so not purple.

  10. Um, WHAT is that THING on the table?

  11. I love it. It’s amazing how much the color changes. When you scroll (slowly) down from the first to second picture it actually looks like you are going to show the same shot, but in B&W!

    Also…um…I cannot even see your kitchen so if it is a mess I would not ever know.

    Also…my house is consta-filthy.

    Also….what IS that thing on the table?

  12. Looks griege to me. 🙂 I’m sure it just needs some time to dry completely/settle/etc. BUT if it’s driving you nuts, you’re the one who has to look at it every day. BUT? It’s painted. Check?

  13. OK, I’m a purple expert and I say that’s not even close. It’s totally griege.

    Also, my dining room is painted a purplish brown. And I love it.

  14. It’s a moody grey, definitely not purple. 🙂

  15. It looks gray to me. And I really, really like it.

  16. It looks to be greige on my monitor. Regardless of what it’s called, I think it’s beautiful! (And yes, it really makes those white flowers pop!)

  17. Its eggplant-grey..but it looks wonderful!

  18. My monitor says no, on the purple question but I will be able to answer it in person in Sept. Regardless, I LOVE IT. I say, leave it the hell alone woman, and move on to the next room!

  19. it totally doesn’t look purple on my screen.

    it is totally greige.


  20. The room looks great! The walls are decidedly NOT purple. In some pics, it’s looks taupe and in others, it looks more grey. So, you know, greige. But not purple.

    I must ask you where you got the chandelier from – I’d like to “sexify” (that’s a word, right?) my bedroom and am looking to change out the horrid ceiling fan for a simple black chandelier. I love yours so!

  21. not purple – very greige. love it!

  22. Are you kidding, it’s GORGEOUS! Beautiful. Love the walls, love the chandelier, love the table, and the orange retro chairs, and the coke thing, and the ghetto back door.

    Er, there’s a small walrus climbing across the table.

  23. can you tell me (by email if you like) the exact shade/brand of your wall paint? I want to copy you (if you don’t mind!) – I’ve been trying to pick a living room color for like a year, and THAT’S THE PERFECT ONE!!

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