Lazy Friday

Sigh.  Best day ever.

The down side of all these Furlough Fridays is that we never have any extra money, but the upside is a big one – Mr. E has three Fridays off a month.  This morning he made me a latte complete with the UNBELIEVABLE caramel sauce that Sheila sent for the Blathering (so awesome!).  I got to sleep until 9 and I took a shower BY MYSELF.  And then we went to birthday dim sum and when they brought the beef pastry roll thingees around I almost wet my pants with joy and then I unhinged my jaw and ate like, eight.

Also, the hammock has been restored to its rightful state.  Although I’m keeping my eye on it.  It’s obviously got a little more sass than I usually like in a hammock.

Hammock says “BRING IT MANDA!”


Finally, does anyone know what the heck this plant is? It randomly sprouted up in our garden and I thought it looked cool so I left it.  But somehow this morning these purple berries just seemed to be screaming “I am wicked poisonous and also just the sort of thing a two and half year old would love to pick and eat!” so I pulled it out. I’m hoping it’s not something awesome that I should be making jam or something out of.



In the meantime, I have nothing to paint, nothing to sew, nothing to cook or clean.  I MIGHT do some laundry.  But only if I feel like it.  I might finish mowing the lawn.  I might water my pumpkins or check out my Australia guidebook.

But probably not.


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  1. We have that plant, too, and I also have no idea what it is. I can tell you, though, that it has some kind of invincible root system because I swear every time I pull it out it comes back stronger than ever. Once we were pulling out a whole garden bed so I traced its purple roots and they stayed shallow under the dirt but went for over 20 feet.

  2. The fruit just looks like grapes — is the plant viney?

  3. I know that plant- but I cant remember its name. I have one too, our landscaper told me its name and said its “toxic but not poisonous”- so you’d have to eat a lot of it and he said it tastes bad enough that most birds wont even eat it. I pulled it out just to be safe and it pops back up every year.

  4. It looks like Pokeweed. It’s the bane of my existence,
    I hate it. Robin’s right, the roots go on forever. The birds like the berries, and I think it is toxic. I think there’s even a way to cook it. I suspect, even though you pulled it out, you’ll have a couple of plants next year.

  5. I think it might be elderberry; we have it too. You can do a bunch of medicinal/herbal stuff with it, I think. But I’m no botanist.

    I did not pull ours out; so far none of my kids have eaten it. They probably just haven’t noticed it yet, though.

  6. I”m coming over tonight to use the hammock because I was denied it’s use last weekend. Nevermind the 3 hour flight.

  7. I’ll BRING IT! Although may I remind you that I recently lost 30+ pounds and am now a tiny waif of a girl and will need Emily and Amber’s assistance? HEH (scoops spoon into peanut butter jar).
    Glad to see that the beloved hammock is restored.
    (and I’m sorry but did I miss something? is your birthday today? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! AND HOORAY FOR BIRTHDAY DIM SUM!)

  8. Sigh. Furlough days. Adam has them now too. Not that we weren’t weeping into our budget spreadsheet before…

  9. Looks like Pokeweed which is toxic to mammals. It does not look like any elderberry that I am familiar with. It is similar but elderberry leaves and berry clusters are different than what you have pictured above.

    Wish I had a sunny warm hammock to lie in! It is raining in these parts.


    It’s pokeweed, but only certain parts of the plant are toxic and even those only at certain points in maturation. Many people eat it and even though I think it sounds like more trouble than it’s worth here’s another link if you’re interested in giving it a try next year:

    Honestly, if you only click one link in this make it the last one — totally worth it for the Poke Salad Annie song sung by Johnny Cash and Tony Joe White. Oh, magical YouTube, is there anything you can’t provide?

  11. Yeah, we have that berry thing too. I just give it a suspicious eye every now and then, but haven’t tried to pull it as I am lazy. And also, I figure if the kids are out there, I am too, so I’ll certainly notice if they start shoving some random plant in their mouths.
    Um, hopefully.

  12. I’m so glad to hear the hammock was not a lost cause!

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