Before Baby

Remember when I said we barely had anything to buy or do before the next baby came because we already have so much stuff?  Turns out it’s all the stuff that’s the problem.

Anyway, here’s my list of stuff to do to get ready.  We have six months or so to get it all done which isn’t too bad.  That’s like – 24 weekends.  Actually 24 weekends sounds worse than 6 months, so let’s stick with the 6 months.

1. Test double strollers at some crappy baby superstore, and pick an umbrella stroller and a jogging stroller.  See if either of these choices can be found on Craigslist.

2. Buy more storage for the dining room, probably a wine rack, something like this, which I am concerned is a tidge on the tacky side, but Maggie assures me that if they sell something like it at Crate and Barrel, I’m ok.

3. Clean out the garage, sort out baby clothes and baby stuff, clean up stuff like bouncers and car seats.  Figure out if we have any leftover bottles, etc and then replenish supplies.

4. Buy ourselves a new bed (we’re currently sleeping on a mattress and box spring on the floor) and Macguyver some sort of two part dog bed/baby bed trundle system.   (Pants slept in a Pack and Play next to our bed until he was six months old – there’s not room for a Pack and Play next to our  bed now, unless we never use the dresser, so I want the baby to sleep in something I can shove under the bed during the day.)

5. Buy diapers, baby tylenol, etc.

6. If baby is a girl, buy ridiculous overpriced pink dresses.

7. Put up new shoe shelving in our closet.  (This is pretty easy – we just need to nail another set of horizontal supports to the closet walls, and then lay a board across the top.   This means more room on the closet floor where Mr. E’s shoes currently live, which means more room for locking myself in the closet and hiding from my children and husband, which is why I need this done ASAP.)

8. Technically this doesn’t have to be done before baby, but this is the summer that I WILL BUY fancy wooden loungers for my backyard, and rig up my fancy planter pot rolling umbrella plan.  Even if I have to sell my kidney on the street, I WILL HAVE FANCY WOODEN LOUNGERS.

9.  We need a new crib mattress, and another twin mattress for the bottom of the trundle bed.

10.  Eli/Peanut’s Room:

Pants got a new trundle bed for Christmas.  (For those of you who asked – the duvet cover is from IKEA, but it’s been discontinued for a while.  I put my peeps across the country on the case and got two of the last ones left in stores last year and held on to them waiting for the day of the big boy bed.)

Anyway, I had big dreams that the new trundle bed and the huge dresser and the toy shelf and a bookshelf and a rocking chair and a crib were going to fit into this tiny 11 x 11 bedroom, but alas, they do not, so some major planning has had to go on in regards to the room and toy storage.

Here’s what’s up with the room:

We’re going to repaint it yellowish, I hate the blue color.  I am thinking Benjamin Moore Cream Silk, which doesn’t sound or look yellowish, I know, but I saw it painted in a kids bedroom and it was really nice.

We just put up this shelf from IKEA, I think I’ll paint it whitish cream when we paint the rest of the room so it takes on less of a weird Swedish hippie bedroom from 1973 vibe.

-We will not have room for a rocking chair, but we’re going to squish this bookshelf from IKEA

into the space next to the dresser.  Then this IKEA toy bin thingee

will go in front of the window, on wheels, so it can be moved out of the way when the trundle bed needs to be accessed.  This means that that this huge ass Expedit thingee we use right now (horizontally) for toy storage is going to get garage saled or Craiglisted, and we will do a mega toy purge/sort before we put anything in the toy storage bins or on the bookshelf.  I’m going to paint the toy bin – I was thinking maybe I’d get all red bins and paint it orange.  Thoughts?

11. I would really like to paint the bathroom, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

12.  Find some way to get the HUGE cylindrical trash can out of the back hallway, put in some folding hooks, and repaint the wall where the trash can was.

13. Oh, and buy a new car.


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  1. Love the orange/red combo for the bins with a creamy yellow wall. Perfect for his room with that duvet cover!

  2. I recently found your blog, but now I’m staying because you love IKEA too. Should we start a club?

    Also: what a list! Being prego does that to so many (me included) people!

  3. (There are some more of those duvet covers on Ebay. I am trying not to buy one.)

  4. I own the Crate and Barrel version of that wine tower, and it’s good. It holds plenty of wine, plenty of glasses (although the C&B one holds 9 glasses, not 6), and you can stack other things on top if you are so inclined. We do have those little plastic shims under the feet, to keep it from tipping forward, but it’s pretty sturdy. And we get lots of compliments on it, which is, you know, what furniture is all about. 🙂

  5. My thought on the wine rack. It’s ok, but what about a hanging wine rack? This may just be my “I have kids who do not listen to me and therefore things can NOT be at kid level” personality talking, but my friends have this one and though it doesn’t hold TONS of wine, it’s cute:

    and it doesn’t take up floor space. I am big on not taking up floor space lately.

  6. Good luck on that list, because I am exhausted just READING it!

  7. That’s it, I’m sending you a servant. Or maybe a slave, they need fewer breaks.

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