Ten Good Things

1. It is not sunny, but it has stopped raining. For now.

2. I finished the taxes yesterday, thanks to the miracle known as Turbo Tax. Now I just have to wait for a big fat check to be deposited into my checking account.  Which is a MUCH MUCH nicer feeling than the year we discovered we owed money, let me tell you.

3. I get to check one of my “To Do in 2010” items off since we just switched cable companies.  FYI, we did briefly consider getting rid of cable entirely, but it’s not as simple as all that, because our cable, internet, and home phone are all bundled together.  Getting rid of the cable portion of that doesn’t make enough difference to justify not having ANY television.  Anyway, we ditched Comcast and signed up with a local company that uses FIBER OPTICS. I have no idea what that even means – but it’s $90 dollars a month instead of $170 or $180, and they’ve already earned a place in my heart because instead of running the cable  SMACK DAB THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE FRONT OF MY HOUSE  Comcast style, they put the wire in through the side of the house where it can’t even be seen.  And then instead of  a GIANT BLACK CABLE CORD COMING OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM WALL, they put two tiny white boxes along the baseboards.  This means I get to rip out the giant ugly black cable IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALL and that makes me very very happy. Also, I like dealing with people who seem to possess basic common sense.  It just makes me feel like they actually CARE.

4.  My SIL is pregnant! Yeah babies!  Also I told her my secret WAAAAAAY TMI method for actually pooping while taking Zofran and now I feel that we have an unbreakable bond.

5.  If you count in a certain sort of way, there’s only five ish days until we find out the sex of OUR babeeeeee.  I am desperately trying not to look at the baby girl crib bedding at Pottery Barn Kids.

6.  Eli told me this morning  he wants to name the new baby “Bacon.”

7. I’ve decided I should use the power of the internet combined with the random information I’ve gleaned by not actually reading “The Secret” and put my wants out there into the universe to see what happens.  So, internet slash the universe, I want:  to win an internet contest because I never ever do and it makes me feel like a loser, summer to start tomorrow or maybe even today, and for the furloughs to end AND for some awesome judge somewhere to rule that Mr. E is also owed back pay so I can roll around in a giant pile of money ala Demi Moore in that one movie.  Only fully clothed.  And also by “roll around in a giant pile of money” I really mean I will just transfer money around online a lot.  Which is really the 2010 version of rolling around in money, I guess. Anyway, that’s what I want.

8.  The daffodils are coming up!

9.  $5 foot longs for dinner! (Confidential to Mr. E:  We are having $5 foot longs for dinner.)  Also, the word “footlong” looks really disturbing when you type it out on the computer.  Ew.

10.  This morning because I didn’t want to park cars and I needed to make the terrible noise coming out of my child’s face stop for at least three minutes, I played Pants one of his very favorite songs (My Girl) and when he heard those first few bonging notes coming out of the stereo, his little head popped up, and he got a huge smile on his face, and he said “MAMA! Dance with me!” and those moments, man, well, it makes all the rest of it totally totally worth it.


10 Responses

  1. I think Bacon is an excellent name for your baby! Just think, everyone will love her/him – even vegetarians!

    P.S. WHY does “footlong” look so disturbing? Because it really, really does. I will never look at a Subway commercial the same way again.

  2. Those are all lovely things, but the last one is especially wonderful.

  3. I WANT to do our taxes stat so that we can also get a big check deposited in our bank account (I am assuming we will indeed get this big check because for the first time we have mortgage interest to deduct), but we haven’t received our W-2s yet. ARGH. I am checking the mail impatiently every day. We have received, I believe, everything else (bank interest statements, mortgage, and so on). What is WITH our stupid slow employers?

  4. 100% agree with jess and i’m so jealous of your tax-doing! all i have so far is one statement for one of our student loans…boooooooooooo!

  5. You are going to share your TMI method for actually pooping while taking Zofran, right? Because there are people out here who need to master that skill.

  6. At least he didn’t want to name it Ice Cold Coke. Also: Andrew and I eat $5 Footlongs like they might soong be removed from the earth. I’m eating my $2.50 six inch right now. And that is the most disturbing sentence I’ve ever typed.

  7. Bacon. I love it. My older daughter wanted to name my younger one “Eyebrow” but I feel that “Bacon” has a much better ring to it.

  8. It’s funny you bring up the inherent dirtiness in the word footlong- I just saw a T-shirt today (on a really gross looking guy, fyi) that read “I Got Your $5 Footlong Right Here” with an arrow pointing to his crotch. I’m just surprised I haven’t seen it sooner.

  9. Ack! Eli stole my name for my future babeeeeeeee.

  10. I need to meet Eli, because this whole naming a kid Bacon idea was mine, like last year. Because we went through POUNDS of it every week during my pregnancy. Hello, cellulite! Make yourself comfortable on my jiggly ass.

    I think the marketing people for Subway must be a bit perverted.

    And EEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYI! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having! That is, if you tell the world before s/he is born.

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