Why You Should Never Send Your Husband Alone to “Buy Some Plants”


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  1. Hah! Before I saw the picture, I read that as “pants,” not “plants.” The picture is much more amusing that what I’d pictured for pants, though.

  2. That is truly AWESOME.

  3. That is SO SO hilarious.

  4. WOW. Just…WOW.

  5. I don’t know what’s funnier: this photo, or the convo between you and Erik that I’m imagining in my head upon you seeing these “plants.”

  6. bwahahahahaha!

  7. I seriously was just laughing out loud. That is hilarious.

  8. hhaaaahhaaaaa, Bwaaahhaaaaaaaa….this really cracked me up!
    Way to go, Erik!!! I am LOVING this!!

  9. Hilarious! Did you send him right back? If not, where’d you put your new trees?

  10. Ha! Allright, I burst out laughing when the picture loaded.

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