June Seems Like A Long Way Away

All day long I have to remind myself – this is not forever, this is not forever, this is not forever. Some day in the not too distant future, I will, once again, be able to bend over and pick something up off the floor without saying three Hail Marys in a row and hoping for the best.

Some other things I am really looking forward to:

Martinis.  Not having to plan every bite of food I put in my mouth as though I am negotiating some kind of international peace treaty.  Hot chocolate and whipped cream and frappucinos.  Never drinking soy milk or almond milk or rice milk ever ever ever again.  Bowls of cereal.  WITH REAL MILK FROM A COW.  Wearing my wedding rings.  Not having heart burn so painful it makes me cry.  Peeing maybe just one time a night.  Taking in a whole breath of air all at one time.  Bending in half.  Ice cream.  No more pants hitching!  The feeling returning to my fingers.   A good night’s sleep without the aid of eight pillows.  No more round ligament pains of doom during a stupid tiny half block walk.  The end of the permanent shoulder/back/neck/headache.  Sleeping on my stomach.  Pooping.  No more ultrasounds/glucose tests/blood draws/peeing in a cup/stepping on a doctor’s scale/kick counts.  No more fretting about what could go wrong in there while I’m not paying attention.  Taking my happy pills.  Orange juice for breakfast – no more frakking eggs!  Shopping for fun clothes instead of expandable clothes.  Fitting into my bathtub.  5 o’clock.  Getting my lap back.

Oh, and meeting my girl.


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  1. I remember that cry-inducing heart burn well. It was worse than nausea for me.

    That first meal after I had him was one of the best meals of my life, no lie.

  2. All i can drink is soy, rice or almond milk!

    Oddly being pregnant was the only time I could drink milk from a cow and boy howdy was it GROSS! I find this difference strangley amusing. 🙂

    Sorry you are having a rough go hon!

  3. I’m right behind you and oh my god, I could not agree more. Bending over without grunting?! Sleeping on my stomach? Delicious mojitos? Meeting my girl? I can’t wait! Hurry up June!

  4. I remember debating with myself about whether the orange juice I desperately craved would be worth the horrible, horrible heartburn it would cause immediately after.

    June will be here before you know it!

  5. I’m so right there with you, albeit a month behind. Looking forward to the excitement of your June girl to get me through the homestretch! 🙂

  6. I’m totally at the “can’t bend over comfortably” stage as of a few weeks ago. Bleck.

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