Chair Update

So I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to hear about the rocking chair sitch, especially after I broadly insulted everyone out there who already owns a glider and is perfectly happy with it.  Anyway.  As is my usual custom I took the advice of the internet straight to heart and went with comfy and cheap…and I have to say that after my ghetto cushion recovering job, the thing is actually pretty cute!  Also, it’s wicked comfortable, and it was $30, so I’d say that’s a win.

Eli finds the inner workings of the glider quite mysterious and won’t be satisfied until he pinches his fingers on it after being told seven million times to leave it alone.

I’m going to try to take nursery pics some time this weekend because lord knows I’m not having any babies or anything.

Keep an eye out for those, if you are interested, they’ll probably go up on Style Lush some time early next week.


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  1. Lovely!

    Also, you will want some kind of nursing stool, or something to prop up your feet on. Otherwise, your back will not be happy with you after some long feeding sessions. 🙂

    I think a nursing stool at BRU was $10-$20 or you can take some books or something and build a foot rest. ha.

  2. ok, I just want you to know that I’m on a work trip to kansas city, and lugged my laptop all the way, and purchased wireless access for my hotel room, only to have it not work, and I tried getting it to work for 24 hours to no avail, only to call the tmobile helpline, and have them send a wireless adapter to my room, and learned to use it, and FINALLY got internet, and what’s the first thing I do? check your blog! have that baby already!!!


  3. I didn’t read the previous post till today, and THANK GOODNESS you went with comfy and cheap, because I was VERY CONCERNED that you would buy the other one. It is cool, but there is nowhere to rest your head! You’d have to hold your head up! I was originally going to buy a wooden rocker, but then I sat in an upholstered rocking recliner at the crib store and fell in love and I AM SO GLAD. I can sleep there quite comfortably, baby in arms. And even for the entire first 2.5 years of Jack’s life when I didn’t realize that the damn thing fully reclines, I was still able to sleep there because the back is tall enough to let me rest my head.

    Basically, I’m saying you made the right choice. Good choice. And it looks adorable.

  4. That fabric is adorable! I love it. And also am envious of other people’s ability to just whip up things like curtains and cushion covers.

  5. VERY cute! I’m impressed by that cover!

  6. Super cute!

    I love Eli’s pre-pinching stance there. Maybe his fascination with machinery/mechanismery means he’s headed for a career as some sort of engineer!

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