Following In Her Mama’s Footsteps


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  1. That is fabulous.

  2. OH! The sockmonkey slippers! I think I just died!

  3. Best to start her off early, I think.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a stylish little pumpkin!

  5. Oh my… there is almost nothing cuter than a row of baby shoes!! So precious!

  6. Last month when my family was out shopping, I was looking for shoes for my then-not-quite-1 and not-walking-daughter. My husband turned to me and said “why does she need another pair of shoes? She has lots and she can’t even walk yet.” I just stared at him in confusion. There is no such thing as too many shoes. I thought he’d learned that in our four years of marriage…

    LOVE her shoe collection. Adorable!

  7. ha! oh, I love this.

  8. THAT is so awesome. You are clearly the right mother for her.

  9. Jackson had those monkey slippers and I have the hot pink Chucks!
    Congrats, by the way. She’s GORGEOUS.

  10. Wowsers!

    Just realized that little girls have a lot more shoe options than little boys. *pout*

  11. Yup, so I’m a dunce. Here I am, obsessively checking your twitter, waiting for photos of this precious baby and growing increasingly, irrationally anxious over lack of said photos and duh! You have a blog! This just shows you how much I’ve been off the whole blogging scene.

    ANYWAY. That obnoxiously long paragraph just to say: she is so gosh darn gorgeous! Congrats to all of you! Oh but she really is just beautiful. Baby fever up in herrrrr. xx

  12. Oh, but they’re so cute!

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