Well, That Should Buy A Lot of Diapers


Is it just me or do you think California could have come up with a slightly nicer “happy new baby” present?

Yeah, I thought so too.


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  1. wow, that blows. i didn’t read the whole article, but i’m wondering…is arnold getting minimum wage as well??

  2. I hear ya. I work for the state too, but I’m a staffer, so I’m not getting paid AT ALL. Woo! It should be a poor, poor summer.

    (Also, Chiang has said he won’t/can’t listen to the Gov., so that’s good, yeah?)

  3. I thought of you right away when I saw that headline this morning. I can’t even believe that…It’s just not an actual solution….I can’t even imagine how frustrated you must be.

  4. Oh my. I hadn’t heard this yet.

  5. Brilliant solution – NOT! I’m really amazed at the stupidity of this decision!

  6. Um, WTH. Worst plan ever.

  7. Utterly sucktastic!

  8. WTH. Seriously you guys need to give the State of California the bird and leave. You can come live with us. We have a tent that is probably bigger than our bedroom so if you need more room….

  9. HFS!!!!! That is atrocious!!!!

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