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The truth is I wrote that post, about how I felt stifled here in this place where I write about all sorts of business, because 1. I left a comment elsewhere on a post that was asking for advice on how to get a cranky baby to sleep, and my suggestion of placing the baby on a running dryer, which we did ALL THE TIME with Eli, was followed by a comment about how you should NEVER DO THIS NEVER EVER EVER because somewhere once someone did this and the BABY DIED.  And I just felt…slapped, and I reacted, because sometimes on the internet it seems we can’t do or say anything ever anywhere about something without someone chiming in about how they once knew someone somewhere who did the same thing and THE BABY DIED and it just felt rotten to be limited by that.

The other reason I wrote that post was because I was fighting with my husband and I really really really wanted to get online and blog about what a giant dillhole he was being, but I knew that was a bad idea, and I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t write some ranty rant about dirty socks on the bedroom floor.  However.  Because I didn’t blog about it, I was forced to actually talk to my husband about the situation, and guess what? WE WORKED IT OUT.  Crazy times, these.

So, end result – I am going to try to write about things that scare me, and that I am sure will piss some people off, and I am going to try not to write wondering if someone is going to leave me face slapping comments about how THE BABY DIED.  However, I probably won’t blog about my husband and his charming tendency to leave a trail of crap for the maid (hint: we don’t have a maid) to pick up.

But to make a long story short, I went to Vermont last week, and when I say Vermont, I mean like, the middle of nowhere Vermont, and because in Vermont they don’t have Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to make your own fun which means that people churn their own freaking butter from milk they get straight from the cow.  I shit you not.   I sat around and shook a jar of cream as ENTERTAINMENT, and although it maybe wasn’t the most exciting time of my life, I can’t really complain about any process that ends with butter.  Obviously.

So the thing is that this milk that comes straight on out of the cow is unpasteurized, unhomogenized straight up raw cow goodness, and Eli drank this milk for three days and he seemed – much better than normal.  He slept well and he ate more than I have ever seen him eat in his entire life, ever, and as I am the lady who wipes his behind on frequent occasions I can attest that things were better in the downstairs department as well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,  Principessa Katerina is just the best baby, she seriously is, except when her stomach hurts, which is a lot.  Arwen recommended infant probiotics and they worked, I think, but they didn’t quite cure the situation entirely, and we couldn’t bring them with us to Vermont because they have to be refrigerated.  But after hashing it out with Mr. E and listening to his scientific mumbo jumbo about good bacteria versus bad and how it comes from milk and some other things about living organisms or I don’t know what, we gave her a dropperful of raw milk and dudes.  She is CURED.  I mean, straight up hard core no more gas no more screaming three months old SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT CURED AS ALL GET OUT.

So yes, I am feeding my three month old (small dropperfuls) of raw milk, and my three year old is drinking it too.  We get it at the co-op, it’s perfectly legal to buy in California, I am not discussing it with my pediatrician, and I would NEVER normally blog about this because I think it freaks people out but what the hay, I am throwing caution to the wind.

And please note, I know this is not for everybody.  And it’s super expensive ($7 to $8 dollars a half gallon), but as long as it’s cheaper than the probiotic ($36 a month) I figure, why the heck not? The space is in my budget already.  Oddly, I also use the fact that it’s liquid gold to allay my fears about the safety of unpasteurized milk – because if anyone anywhere gets sick from this milk, the company that makes it is going to lose their shirts.  It is in their best interests to make sure that never ever happens.  If I get sick from random milk I buy from Safeway, it won’t make any real difference to Safeway.  They won’t go under if they make people sick, so they can afford to play fast and loose with cleanliness and sterilization. I am not saying they DO, I am just saying – I trust a small farm who depends on this milk to make their living more than I trust some huge corporation.

I know this makes me sound like sort of a raw food evangelizing hippie, but please keep in mind I could never be a real hippie because the smell of patchouli makes me want to hurl.  And I probably won’t be going to any “Yeah, milk” rallies or anything anytime soon, but  I can tell you that I got NINE HOURS of sleep last night, in a row.

The fun thing about life is that it’s possible to eat at McDonald’s and feed your kid raw milk in the same day.  I know, because I did it yesterday.


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  1. I started giving my 2 1/2 year old son Activia every couple of days, and it has helped him too. He had a terrible case of toddler diarrhea which we had even had cultured at the doctor (don’t ask how much money later) and they didn’t know what was really wrong. He’s doing much better with the probiotics, and I didn’t try the expensive stuff, just the adult probiotic yogurt. He likes blueberry.

    All the health food stores here (Florida) sell raw milk, although they all say “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!” I think it’s just so they can’t get sued if you get sick. It’s right next to the processed milk. And the goat’s milk.

  2. I’m so glad raw milk is working for you. It’s still not legal or readily available in Ontario, unfortunately.

  3. You rock the awesome sauce girl!

  4. Regular lurker, and non-mom here who just wants to de-lurk to say good on you for (a) doing what you feel works for your family and (b) writing about it here on the internet. Life is risky, and people judge, and both of these things are unfortunate and unavoidable.

  5. I haven’t had the privilege of boring the hell out of you with my new diet cleanse extravaganza (don’t you want to hang out ASAP now?) BUT, here’s the thing: I have been off dairy for 8 days and on Sunday, I can add raw dairy back in. My trainer/wellness specialist/nutritionist gave me a ton of information about raw dairy and how much better it is and all the good enzymes we miss with pasteurization and all that. I’m definitely nervous, but stories like this are so reassuring.

    So, yeah. Expect some raw milk goodness when you come over. And better? Andrew can now have 50 RAW CHEESE SANDWICHES.

  6. Are all my comments on your blog of the “HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOUR POSTS SO MUCH” variety? Because I feel like they are. Everything you write is just so terrific.

    Also, I could never be a real hippie because I don’t even know what patchouli is.

  7. I grew up with a dairy farmer for a step dad and that stuff was on the counter all the time at my g-ma’s house. It’s so funny to me that it could possibly be illegal.

    I’m glad it’s helping!

  8. When I was a kid we drank raw milk and I turned out fine. I mean, other than being moderately insane. But that’s thanks to my kids, not my own diet as a child 🙂

  9. Do you drink the milk too? How does it taste? I’m really curious. I assume its whole milk so I don’t think I could drink it. It’d gross me out. Fresh churned butter, though, sounds DELICIOUS.

  10. I love your posts. You’re one of the most “real” bloggers out there.
    I’m SO IMPRESSED that you came out and just said how you were feeling and what you were doing and how you came to that conclusion. Because that takes guts!!
    I’m really glad that the raw milk is working for you. Sleep is so important!!
    And I guess it might make you happy to know that I’m saying all this as someone who is totally freaked out by the idea of raw milk.
    Thanks for keeping it real even when you know you might be exposing yourself to people’s crazy rants. 🙂
    I’m also really interested… how does it taste??

  11. I love how raw milk, the kind that is the most normal and un-jacked with is the SUSPECT milk. Like, “Oh! We did not get a chance to get our grubby science-y safety hands on that! Mother Nature is dirrrrty! Must clean it via Western Methods!”

    Money so obviously has something do with it. We are not stupid. If it’s sold raw that means like, fifty people don’t get paid along the way. It’s probably not eligible for government subsidy as well. ARGH.


    Long way to say, I hate the taste of milk and I will never, ever dream about a cold glass of it but now I’m thinking that maybe I might like milk if it was just plain old normal raw milk? Hmm.

    I also think it’s so telling that the kids reacted immediately to it. You should make a documentary and focus on scenes where you buy milk illegally with your children in tow.

  12. I can’t be a real hippie because my hippie friend once told me how she got bugs in her dreadlocks and had to cut them off and bugs were crawling out of them.

  13. Also, when I was a kid we drank powdered milk. I get nervous telling people THAT but I also turned out fine.

  14. I’m a non-hippie hippie too, and I think it’s awesome that you are feeding your kids raw milk. Way to go!

  15. People online can be such assh**es. The comment about a baby dying when placed on top of the dryer is about as appropriate as relaying all your pregnancy horror stories to a newly prego Mom. While it’s good to share cautionary tales, most people forget that a REAL person is going to read that response & probably start crying.

    Anyhoo…. I’ve heard lots about the wonders of raw milk, and for my two cents: I realize that caution is in order, especially when sharing it with your kids, but people drank it for thousands of years with more good than harm done. I realize the FDA has a vested interest in controlling the milk market, but if you want to drink raw milk & you are aware of the possible downsides, then anyone should be able to do so. Wish I could find it in my area.

  16. Ugh. What is with those “and the baby died” people? They seem to be EVERYWHERE.

    And now I am really jonesing for a glass of raw milk.

  17. snerk. I love patchouli, but that’s about all I have in common with hippies myself!
    as a vegan I’m not going to be drinking milk any time soon, but I hear what you have to say- anything from a small-scale local farm, I instinctively feel, has GOT to be better for you than the factory farm sludge that passes for food otherwise. That sounded judgy, though, right? So I’ll stop. =)

  18. Oh God, there is a baby dying ALL THE TIME and I cannot stand it. I got this all the time, as we co-slept, and I honestly wanted to punch people in the face on a daily basis. For real. I hate those people. I hate them so much.

    Raw milk! Dude, I grew up working on dairy farms, and one of the dairy farm families I know changed their entire dairy around to become a raw milk farm, and people drive from ALL OVER to get this milk. It’s awesome, and tested and so safe, and if anyone says anything to you about this, I will CUT THEIR FACE.

  19. I love the idea of raw milk. I should really do some investigating and see if I can get some here.

  20. I am completely jealous of you being able to buy raw milk from a store. Here in Indiana, you have either buy it as pet milk (its okay to give it to your dog, just not yourself) or buy a cowshare therefore meaning you own the cow and its products.

    I have only heard good things about raw milk. Good on you, trusting your instincts (I was going to say gut, but I figured you were trusting the kids guts really! 😀 )

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