Seven Healthy Easy Dinners (Plus One)

Whew.  I just spent the morning oogling our new beautiful CLEAN Target (with groceries!).  There’s nothing like seeing yourself wearing a too small unflattering sweater in a two way mirror three months after you’ve had a baby to help you rededicate yourself to the whole “fitting into your jeans” thing.  Also, it would really helpful if I could actually lose weight, because I feel like I’m working really hard and to work really hard for NOTHING sucks.

Anyway.  If there’s an area where I am losing focus, it’s dinner. By dinner time I am hungry and tired and frustrated.  I am not in a diet mood at dinnertime, I am in the mood to eat the world.  So this week I am starting running, if that’s what you can call shoving eighty pounds of children in front of you in a stroller the size of Cincinnati, and I am going to work harder to make healthy dinners, because if I had my way I’d eat nothing but those 99 cent boxes of Pasta Roni for the rest of my life and it turns out that’s not the way to make your too small jeans fit after all.

But it also turns out that as much as I enjoy being home with my two adorable children all day long, the thing is when you have MORE writing commitments and MORE children and MORE places to go, you have LESS time for things like chopping and cooking and I need things that are fast and easy or else I don’t eat them.  I just don’t have it in me right now to make gourmet 12 step recipes.  Anyway.

Here’s my seven (eight) healthy dinners for the week, brought to you by the new frozen section at Target, ie Nirvana/Paradise/Heaven on Earth.

1.  fish, frozen vegetable, and cous cous

2. Chicken meatballs, spaghetti squash, vegetable

3. Taco Salad (on sweet potatoes) and lettuce

4. manicotti plus vegetable

5.  frozen thing from a bag plus vegetable

6.  turkey sausages, peppers,and roasted squash

7. thai steak salad

8.  chicken enchiladas and corn, tomato and black bean salsa



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  1. You’ve mentioned the writing commitments a couple of times. Are you working on something besides the blog? And for what it’s worth, I share your problem. At 6:00 a.m. my dietary intentions are wonderful. At 6:00 p.m.,, I’m pretty much ready to eat the stripes off the pavement. Makes for some poor choices. Wouldn’t you think I would wise up and cook the night before?

  2. my fav easy/lazy tasty healthy dinner is this:
    have husband pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store on his way home from work. combine that with cut up fruit (what ever is in the fridge), a frozen veggie or french bread (also picked up by said husband).

    your taco salad over sweet potatoes intrigues me…request for recipe and pictures please.

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