It’s been raining for two days, we finally had to turn the heat on.

I may make some caramelized onions and ham to layer on top of something bready and fattening, doesn’t that sound good?

Top Chef Just Desserts is diet Kryptonite, thank goodness last night we were a little too sauced up to drive to the store or we’d probably be guiltily examining the remains of an empty clamshell of Lofthouse cookies this morning.  Seriously, I might have to stop watching it for the sake of the kiester.

Eli and Erik are playing cards on the living room floor.  Erik is teaching Eli to play something called “Cheat” which “requires each player to lie”. Interesting.

I really should vacuum.  Baby Girl is asleep though, and this is such a good excuse for not vacuuming.  Conveniently it’s also hard to vacuum when she’s awake.

I sat in front of my glowing blue light for 20 minutes, and then I had to force myself to turn it off.

The front window is leaking. I suggested all summer that we work on fixing the window.  I cannot currently discuss the fact that the window isn’t fixed because my head will explode.

Ever since I got doughnuts on my birthday, I’ve woken up every morning wishing we could go get donuts.  Luckily the good doughnut store only takes cash, I never have cash.

We’re still picking red tomatoes, and we’ve been making sauce and salsa.  Last weekend we canned four quarts of sauce, but this weekend we ate everything we made.  If we end up with green tomatoes, I am going to make green tomato jam.

Our new Target is a thing of tremendous beauty.  I am waiting for a stretch of time when I can just wander the aisles by myself, running my finger over all of the lovely things.  I should be incensed that they’ve already stocked shelves full of christmas decorations, but instead I just wonder if I have room for a giant silver christmas tree on my mantel.

I window shopped for baby girl Christmas dresses and bought gaudy earrings for the Blathering yesterday.  The mall made me feel old.  I am certain that I should not be spending $33 dollars for a christmas dress that will be worn once when things are always tight at the holidays, but the holiday clothes section at Baby Gap makes me want to shop with reckless abandon anyway.

I finally got my watch battery fixed.  It’s funny how long it takes to remember those little one time errands.

I just finished a book about lottery winners.  I found it nearly impossible to reconcile my belief that money doesn’t buy happiness with the idea that winning a huge pile of millions wouldn’t be absolutely wonderful.  Now I’m trying to read Look Homeward Angel.  It is not proving to be as transcendent as one would hope.

I should really stop eating candy corn, I don’t think it agrees with me.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to distract myself from things that are coming up.  Eli’s Halloween party at preschool that he rrrrrrreally doesn’t want to go to.  The election.  Dealing with both kids by myself for a few nights.  Having to pump at The Blathering.  Running in the rain.  And something tomorrow that I have to do that I really don’t want to do and that I cannot currently discuss.  Light me a candle or send me a fairy wish or do whatever you do, would you? I’d appreciate it.

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  1. I remember having to take the pump everywhere I went. It sucks (no pun intended). At least most of the people who will be at the Blathering have been there and understand what its like…

  2. if the thing that you really don’t want to do is shave…I completely understand. good luck.

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