Party Time

Please note, he tells everyone who asks that he is “a pregnant bee”. Awesome.

I had the BAD FEELINGS about the Halloween party which Eli did NOT WANT to go to. We were supposed to come pick them up early to “watch them dance” and he was horribly opposed to the idea of dancing and had refused to do it all the other times they practiced at preschool.  The teacher kept saying “We don’t want our kids to be standing at the side of the room in Junior High!” and I really wanted to point out that he comes from a proud line of standers by the side of the room during dances type people especially in Junior High when tequila shots before required dancing is frowned upon and that also were it not for the invention of wine he probably wouldn’t even exist, but I refrained.

Anyway.  When I got there he was sitting away from the circle of kids in his own separate chair. (urgh.) But I told him to go sit with his class and he did.  They sang songs as a group while the parents watched and he just SAT THERE and I rethought the preschool decision a thousand times in that moment and thought about the giant SUV I could buy with preschool tuition, because I am a very bad person.  But THEN they did “solos” of the songs, and five or six kids went (a bunch wouldn’t do it) and the teacher asked if he wanted to and HE DID IT.  She said “Ok, everyone, shhhhh, this is a very special moment” or something like that, and shushed everyone, and then HE STOOD UP IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND SAID A POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!AND BOWED AFTER WARDS.  And I DIED.  I was grinning and crying through the whole thing, I was just so proud.  And then he was the FIRST to model his costume (walk in a circle in front of everyone) and a bunch of the other kids also wouldn’t do that, and then they all danced and he danced! Jumping up and down with everyone!  A happy wiggling dancing bee! It was one the best sights of my life, and I have seen some things, people.

And then I got the big double thumbs up from the teacher, who was also astounded at the developments.  And teacher approval! Who doesn’t want that?!  Good on her for asking him if he wanted to do a solo, I never would have even asked.

I mean, really, it’s a bunch of three year olds in costumes, it’s the cutest thing ever no matter what, and obviously I am biased, but he really was the most adorable child in the room, bar none.  I mean, it’s a room full of PARENTS and when he modeled his costume other childrens’ parents audibly gasped. I ASSUME at his cuteness and not his rapier wit, or whatever.

Also, when class was over he had a bag of candy and he said “Mom, that cupcake in there is for you.” and if that is not a sign of a well raised child I don’t know what is.



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  1. Adorable – and congratulations on both, teacher approval and the cupcake!

  2. so heart warming… I love that bee costume! I want to wear it! The boots are killing me.

  3. Oh ELIZABETH!! maybe it’s the hormones but I AM CRYING TOO! I am so happy for you and so glad Pants had a great day at his party!! I needed that good news today. I also needed to see those AWESOME yellow boots. Oh man!!


    And I love his bee costume! Henry is being a bee this year, too.

  5. Super cute. I am a wee bit jealous of the boots!

    My sister is incredibly shy to the point where I really worry about her. She refuses to speak up when she’s in pain, when she receives crappy customer service, or at any time most of us feel like it’s completely normal to open our mouths and spew words out.

    I wonder if my parents had pushed her a little bit like this, in completely safe settings, if she wouldn’t be even a little more capable of making contact with strangers. You are doing an awesome thing.

  6. I honestly got a little choked up when I read that he did a solo. I could so perfectly feel what you must have been feeling- see that baby of yours out in the world, fitting in, and wowing everyone at the same time.

    I am quite sure he was the cutest there. Those yellow boots did me in!

  7. ok seriously elizabeth, he is the CTUEST little bee!!!

    this is coming from a very proud mother who believes her kids are the cutest children ever to run the earth…and that my friend is the cutest stinkin’ bee ever!!!

  8. oh, that is so awesome! yay for both of you.

    but more importantly, Abby is going to be a bee and now I must find her overnight shippable yellow docs. dammit! why did you make me know those exist?

  9. no doubt in my mind he was the cutest, and it sounds like one of the most courageous too. I teared up too on account of the sheer preciousness.

  10. I know *exactly* how big of a deal this is, because we have such similar kids and I am grinning from ear to ear and wiping my cheeks, too, because HOT DAMN, ELI, damned if you didn’t prove us all wrong, and you did it with STYLE.

  11. He looks so like the blind mellon video to me….

    Anyway- awesome story! I’m proud of you both. He is doing much better than Nate who I though would rock at the trick or treating tonight but no, no he did not rock. He cried, he made us carry him while he was crying about not wanting to go home and how come he can go into peoples houses, and then in the end when we had HAD IT OMFG- he PEED IN HIS COSTUME. I sort of wanted to kill him and eat all of his candy. I’m almost done with the latter.

  12. Oh Elizabeth! I am so happy to read this! So happy that he did it, so happy that he surprised you in so many ways, and so very happy that now you can breathe a little easier each day that you drop him at school knowing that he’s not only doing okay but possibly even doing GREAT. I’m crying for you. So proud of you for sticking with it…and so proud of your precious little bee too! (I have a bee this year too. Or, as he says, “a pollen jock.”)

  13. He IS adorable, my goodness!

  14. Aww! Too, too sweet, every bit of it. And the costume–genius! I suspect there will a run on yellow boots today.

  15. OMG, I love him. And your paragraph about tequila shots and wine………..I love you too.

    I cried just reading about him saying his poem. He is a good boy. You done good.

  16. What an adorable bee! A lurker here, but sounds like it’s been a great week in your household. Congrats!

  17. What a great wonderful charming surprising adorable kid you have there!

    And the pregnant bee thing KILLS me! Regular bees are boring, but pregnant bees – well, they are just plain fascinating.

  18. Oh, so happy reading this story!! Happy for him and for you! And those boots just MAKE the costume, don’t they?

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