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Is anyone else planning Thanksgiving dinner yet?  Last year I was in the the throes of morning sickness and it suuuuuuuuuuuucked so this year I am making up for lost time.  Let me just put it to you this way – we’re going to have two different kinds of rolls.

Here’s our menu:

Breakfast:  Cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, coffee, mimosas


Turkey, brined

stuffing with chestnuts, apricots, and sausage

mashed potatoes and gravy (Every once in a while someone tells me about a Thanksgiving dinner where NO MASHED POTATOES WERE SERVED.  I have to stick my fingers in my ears and hum so I escape hearing about these types of things, lest I be haunted at night for the rest of my life by the thought of Thanksgiving with NO MASHED POTATOES.)

ambrosia salad

cranberries two ways (and the two ways are the kind loose from a can and the kind jellied from a can, sliced.)

Martha’s sweet potato biscuits

buttered rosemary rolls

southern style green beans

spinach and iceberg lettuce salad with ranch dressing and radishes

roasted brussels sprouts

pumpkin pie (ick)

ginger apple cheesecake (mmmmm)

PS Every year my sister names our turkey and my mother’s turkey after some celebrity du jour.  We’ve had Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Frankie Munez, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears.  This year I’m pulling for Justin Bieber, but I would also accept Taylor Swift.

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  1. How about Turkey Gaga? Lord knows she’d wear Turkey if given the opportunity…

    Our family does pot luck… so, I’ll be making my favorite Pumpkin Bundt Cake (every time I say “Bundt” I think of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”).

    Oh, and I agree about the potatoes. It should be the rule.

  2. *mouth watering*

    I think the turkey should be Lindsay Lohan.

  3. You don’t like pumpkin pie??? It’s much more essential than mashed potatoes (although I agree theyre essential as well). I make a whole extra pumpkin pie just for my husband and I, so we’re sure to have plenty of leftovers.

  4. I’m coming to your house. This sounds amazing.

  5. YAY! Someone else who serves Brussels sprouts at Thanksgiving. We always serve them with crumbled bacon. And by always, I mean for the first time ever two years ago and then again last year.

    Brined turkey is the best!

    And now, my Halloween nightmare is going to be the vision of Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes. YIKES.

  6. Yeah, I want an invite (and a plane ticket).

  7. I am so the same this year – last year I was…what. 8 weeks pregnant? And puking about every 5 seconds. I cannot WAIT to cook enough food for a small army, even if there will only be 3 adults in attendance.

    And who doesn’t served mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving? That’s just wrong.

  8. […] 31, 2010 by emilyshollow Princess Nebraska was talking about her Thanksgiving menu, and it made me think of food. Therefor, I shall share mine […]

  9. One of my friends cooked a turkey dinner on Sunday (and invited me over!) just to get a frozen turkey out of the way in the freezer, and oh good grief I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! There’s just something so very right about turkey, stuffing, MASHED POTATOES, gravy…it makes the rest of life seem worth living. (No, I don’t have any issues with food…why do you ask?!?)

  10. I, too, was suffering from pregnancy sickness last Thanksgiving. It wasn’t morning sickness, but I did have some wicked poultry aversions, so a bird-centric holiday was not on my list of fun things to do last year! All that to say, I am excited to EAT this year.

    As for mashed potatoes, I agree that they should be there, and I offer that there should always be gravy with them. My in-laws are a little bit country, and they frequently make biscuits and gravy, so I naturally assumed there would be gravy at Thanksgiving. Wrong! Apparently, they’re all about the white gravy, but they don’t make brown gravy. Sacrilegious, I tell ya.

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