Every Year It’s Always the Same

I couldn’t decide whether to get Halloween candy that would be really delicious, so I could eat half the bag ahead of time the leftovers, or if I should get Halloween candy that’s “eh” so I wouldn’t be interested in it.  I opted for Option B (Swedish Fish) and now I’m wondering how I can con my husband into going to 7-11 to buy me a bag of Peanut Butter Cups, because I just read this blog post and now I desperately need peanut butter and chocolate.




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  1. Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing I would do. Or I’d eat the swedish fish, and be all “These are terrible! Nom Nom Nom….Nom. Terrible!”

  2. man, one year for christmas Mike decided that buckeyes would make perfect stocking stuffers- this is what happes, he comes up with these ideas and I excute them- well, drinking an insane amount of wine and trying to make these with your sister while your husband and 2 brother in laws are youtubing dick in a box and learing the dance moves- wow, it takes a really long time to make those things- a really, really long time. they are at least 10 times better than a peanut butter cup but I will not be making them again, not without the wine, that’s for damn sure.
    It’s also possible that I’ve had enough wine tonight….

  3. I got the good stuff and, trust me, you’re better off. I’ve had three Almond Joys in 20 minutes.

    And, I know, Almond Joys aren’t delicious to anyone but me BUT I LOVE THEM SO.

  4. This always happens to us, too. So my in-laws bought a bag of Baby Ruths, Butterfingers and Crunch bars and we finished the entire 5 pounds in a week.

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