Thirteen Things…

I have been trying to think of 13 interesting things you should know about me before we all hang out, but I made this list last  year and I am now forced to confront the bitter reality that there aren’t, in fact, 26 interesting things about me.

The truth is that the only reason I made that list last year was because I had something I wanted to put out there and I was too self conscious to to just come out and say what I wanted to say, but this year I am tired and I still have to figure out how to fit six pairs of shoes and three jackets and a bag of spray painted acorns in my carry on so I am not going to beat around the bush, and that is why this year, there is just this one thing:

1. Please please please please don’t use the word retard or retarded around me.  (and if you’re wondering why I feel so strongly about t his, you can read this, or this, or this.)  Any thing else, I’m good with, and we can work out while we drink our chilled red wine.

I’ll see you all soon! I can hardly wait.


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  1. Is it sad that I still have no idea what “making the toast” is?

    Can’t wait to hang out…and um, see the acorns?????

  2. You have way more than 26 interesting things about you. I know this because any time you link to an old entry, I read it and then get lost looking through your archives.

    Hope you have a super fun trip!

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