The Final Menu

I’ve got one more trip to Trader Joe’s to make, and I have to track down some ham hocks, but I think this is the final version of our Thanksgiving menu:


cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, coffee, mimosas


crackers, cranberry covered goat cheese, relish tray with pickles, black olives, and gardiniera


brined turkey

mashed potatoes


southern style green beans (this is what I need the ham hocks for)

brussell sprouts with pancetta and garlic

Martha Stewart’s Sweet Potato Biscuits

Pioneer Woman’s Buttered Rosemary Rolls

Cranberry Sauce 3 Ways (canned whole berry, canned jellied, home made chutney)

Green salad with spinach, croutons, radishes, and home made ranch dressing

Sausage stuffing with apricots and chestnuts

ambrosia salad (that’s the stuff with the marshmallows)


pumpkin pie

pumpkin cream pie with ginger snap crust

and cheesecake with caramel apple topping

and misc fancy chocolates

I feel kind of bad that we’re not having those little white creamed onions and that I am not also making macaroni and cheese but I think that’s more of a southern thing, for Thanksgiving?  I know people who can’t imagine Thanksgiving without collards and mac and cheese but as long as I have my mashed potatoes and my favorite stuffing in the world, I am good. Chestnuts for the win.

I just read in some cookbook that people like to get all het up about what is dressing and what is stuffing, but mostly the word dressing was invented because the word “stuffing” was considered sort of gauche, and now I can’t help laughing at this and picturing someone just cramming stuffing into a turkey’s back end.  Stuffing!!!

Thanksgiving seems to be one of those holidays where people get really defensive about the RIGHT kind of food, and I honestly can’t imagine relinquishing control enough to ever have Thanksgiving anywhere besides my house or my mother’s house for the rest of my life.  Regardless, when I hear about turkey cooking methods that don’t involve brining, I get irrationally angry, so maybe it’s just me that’s all touchy about how Thanksgiving just ISN’T right if you don’t serve that weird jellied cranberry sauce that comes out of the can with the ripples down the sides.

I also get paranoid about having enough Thanksgiving left overs.  In fact I suggested to Erik that I would cook two turkeys, if he wanted.  We haven’t gone that far, but he did get a 21 pound turkey.  BTW, my sister has once again named it for me.  This is why I love  having a blog, because I can check back and see that three years ago the turkey was named Brangelina.  This year, Erik told Annie that our turkey is a boy, and Annie said “Oh! Malcolm.  Malcolm Jamal Warner.” So there you go.

Also, I spent all of Saturday ironing things and conceptualizing the table setting, which is one of my favorite things to do ever.  I must admit I think this years table might be my best ever.  (white table cloth, orange runner, white plates, pink orange red paisley napkins in silver napkin rings, white and pink cake stands, and “place cards” consisiting of alternating at each place a lemon, mandarin, or pomegranate, with a lemon leaf pinned to the fruit on which I have written each persons name in chalk marker.  And maybe some candles. )




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  1. I’ve also been working on the menu and fantasizing about having a pretty table. I am slowly coming around to the idea that decorating for a party really DOES make a difference in the feeling of festiveness. The Blathering helped with that. Sadly, there is a limit to how pretty I can make my smallish living room / dining room look for 14 adults, 5 kids and 2 babies. I just don’t have a table runner long enough. (Or at all, actually, but I *wish* I did.) And I also can’t make EVERYTHING because I can’t afford it and I would go crazy anyway.

    Ah, well, too many loved ones is not exactly the worst problem to have, right?

  2. I am coming to your house for Thanksgiving and I would like a lemon for my placecard.

  3. Pomegranate for my place card please! It sounds awesome and I totally can’t wait to see pics!

    One year I’ll get to have my own T-day…this year i’m just excited I finally get to cook actual tasty food and won’t have to worry about people thinking it’s weird or only be relegated to deviled eggs and yams.

  4. This sounds amazing! And you sound so calm! Can you please send some of that calmness over here?

    Would love to see photos – the table sounds lovely!

  5. Um, is it too late to reserve a spot at your table? And I would like seconds of the pumpkin cream pie, and also the stuffing.

  6. I might be the luckiest person ever. One of those pieces of fruit has MY NAME written in chalk. So lucky!! I think I will start fasting now, to make room for all that food.

  7. Wow, that sounds awesome! Way to do it up!

  8. HAHAHAHA, so did I make you angry when I wrote that post on Food Lush about Thanksgiving turkey and DIDN’T involve any brining? Don’t hurt me!

    Also, I would like a pomegranate place-card, so add my name to your list; I’ll be at your house at 11am for mimosas and cinnamon rolls 🙂

  9. Yuuuuummmmm … what time do we eat?

  10. Yes, I would also like to know what time you’d like me to be there? 🙂
    I LOVE that you are having mimosas at breakfast.
    I was wondering what you are drinking with the dinner?

  11. Umm, I didn’t see ham on the menu. Don’t you want to recreate the Thanksgiving where we had ham and turkey? Well if you ever come to our house for Tday again, I promise you we will serve both.

  12. Just getting caught up in blogs, so this is a few days late. But PLEASE tell me you took pictures of the table setting. Sounds gorgeous.

    And I am a total brined turkey convert after this year. Best bird ever!

  13. “Malcolm Jamal Warner”


  14. Wow. Just. Wow. Did you take pictures of your table? will you post them please? I’m hosting Christmas this year, for the first time ever and I want to do a blowout table setting. I need all the ideas I can get. Please please please post them!

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