Tis The Season

It is possible that I am feeling a little bit…Christmassy.

I spruced up my window boxes which made me very happy.

I have a copy of Gene Autry’s Christmas Carols on hold at the library.

I outsourced my Christmas card pictures to Leslie, and they were simply too gorgeous for words when they came back. (Follow that link to see more.)

I am almost done with Christmas shopping, just have to fill my Amazon cart a few more times.   I got so many good deals this year, I’m way too proud of all the free shipping codes I dug up.

I am finishing up an old school photo album (with real pictures!) I am putting together as a gift and it’s been a lot of fun to work on.  I think I am going to make one every year.  It was surprisingly easy (and cheap) to whip through Picasa, flag a bunch of pictures, upload them all at once and click “order.”

I am not sure how I got to be the mother a child this…gangly.

Our advent calendar has been filled and is all set to go.

I am conceptualizing the fattening snacks for Christmas Eve, and the New Year’s Eve fancy dinner.  Very exciting.

I’m also just noticing that a stocking is the perfect shape for a giant bottle of booze. I know what Santa is bringing me this year, and it rhymes with “gin”.

Late at night I watch House Hunters with one eye while I flip back and forth between complex word documents and depressing budget spreadsheets, and the weight of all the presents I want to buy but can’t afford to buy starts to stack up.   Erik talks me down, usually just by using a combination of the magical words “credit cards” and “January.”

We all have colds and Baby Girl is doing this thing where she doesn’t sleep and nurses all the time and we take turns telling ourselves that it’s teeth or a Wonder Week or gas, and Eli has been waking up at night again, but we’re all warm and fed and we’ve got all the frozen burritos that money can buy and I loved tonight’s episode of Glee a lot, so we’ll just ride this wave for awhile, and hope we emerge with our heads above water.  Come January, and all that.



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  1. The photos…I am dying! They are so fantastic! (They make me hate our last round of photos even more.) Am so, so jealous but so excited that they turned out so amazing. LOVE.

  2. Love the photos – so beautiful!! What a lovely family you have. Your kids are seriously adorable.

  3. I love:

    1. The “Hi!” flag.

    2. Red shoes peeping out.

    3. Big turquoise mixing bowl.

    4. Striped fleece hoodie (Henry has the same one!).

  4. those pictures ZOMG! gorgeous family!
    almost makes me contemplate a long flight just so M. and I can have photos taken by that amazing photographer. In 12 years of being together, we’ve never once had professional photos of us taken. Am I whining? I think I am!

  5. I love the photos! SO great! Also the advent calendar is super cute!

  6. DUDE! That advent calendar is awesome! And the children! So cute!

  7. Did you make or buy that advent calendar? It is exactly what I’m looking for!

  8. Your children are just gorgeous – those blue eyes kill me! Great pics & also when did Eli get so tall??

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