Advent Day One: Build A Gingerbread House

I figured we’d start big, so it gets established right off the bat that the Advent Calendar is a cool thing to do.

(Last year I slaved over the creation of the advent calendar for weeks in November and Eli – two almost three – could not have cared less about the thing.  This year he cares a little bit more, but he’s still not “Oh the glory of Christmas and my Wondrous Mother!” yet.  For what it’s worth.)

The Gingerbread House was fun.  It always amazes me when it actually works and holds together.  That royal icing is some incredible stuff.

There was some tug of war between Controlling Mother (that’s me) and Controlling Toddler (that’s Eli).  I had to build the thing, which annoyed Eli, and after that I had to relinquish control of making the decorations symmetrical and gorgeous, which I forced myself to be ok with.  He is three, after all.

There was a medium amount of yelling “Quit eating all the candy!” and I had tell myself to stop asking “Is this fun?! Are you having fun?” every two seconds, but I thought it was fun.

(I bought the Gingerbread House Kit at Target, it was $9.99 and comes with lots of candy and all the frosting and everything.  You can get the kits everywhere, now.  As far as I am concerned this may be one of the foremost advances in Christmas of the entire past decade.)


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  1. This made me smile so big. Great choice, great decorating (& building!).

  2. We made that very gingerbread house at my grandma’s over Thanksgiving. Marin was so excited when we bought it that she spent days holding the box and gazing at the photos.

    Also? Yours turned out better than ours. But we had FIVE children working on it, so.

  3. It is absolutely beautiful. It put me right in the spirit of the holidays.

    By the way, I still didn’t like Finnikin of the Rock despite giving it a second chance. Just kill me now with the boringness and the having to go look at the map every other page!!!!

  4. I think I would get one kit for myself and one for the kids. Because I always really like the way the kid-done ones turn out, but I would NEED to be able to do one MY WAY.

  5. That is adorable! The picture is beautiful!

  6. So cute! I always thought a gingerbread house was way too much trouble. I guess I just need to try a kit!

  7. Ooh! Putting this on my list! Maybe we’ll do the train one, though. I saw that at Target too.

    Good for you, letting go and letting it get all… imperfect. I have… uh, a little trouble with this myself.

  8. Looks like so much fun!!

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