“Mom, everyday when you get dressed, do you yell “Yay underpants!?”


“Mom, ribbon is very beautiful, isn’t it?”


Sung to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”, at top volume, in Target, for 45 minutes:

“Oh cat vomit, Oh cat vomit!!!!!!”


“I’m pretty fine with bed time.  It’s weird and it’s crazy, but I just like it.”




6 Responses

  1. “Yay underpants!” Sounds totally reasonable to me!

  2. Oh Cat Vomit kills me!!!


  3. Actually, I don’t say it out loud, but “Yay underpants!” is exactly how I feel. I think Eli has hit on a very primal feeling!

  4. These are amazing. I think I’ll start yelling, “Yay underpants!!” each morning 🙂

  5. I LOVE HIM! “Yay Underpants!”

  6. So freakin’ cute!!

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