Advent Day Two: Set Up the Nativity Scene

I have a whole bunch of nativity scenes, so this year when I got out all the rest of the holiday decorations I held back two of them and I let Eli put them out.  We ran out of room for displaying Christmas business (how fitting), so I pushed back all the books on one of the bookshelves and we put the nativities there.

One of these is made of Coke cans, my mom brought it back from South Africa.  The other one is a wooden one I grabbed when I was running through Marshall Fields one year, ages and ages ago, and I saw a stack of them on a table.  It’s nice because there’s nothing breakable about it and it comes in a hinged box that then becomes the stable.

I really loved setting up the nativity scenes when I was a little girl.  We had at least two, that I can remember, and one was a shiny small brightly painted wooden set.  We would start out with the three kings all the way at the other end of the table and move them a little bit closer every day.  I wish so much that I knew where that nativity scene was now.

I thought there was no way “set up the nativity scene” would compare to “Make a Gingerbread House” but Eli was really into it.

So far, the advent activities have been interesting. I had the mistaken idea that these solid blocks of mom time would translate into a very well behaved toddler.  This has not been correct, so I find myself having to think of other reasons why it’s a good idea.  I am having fun, sort of, so I guess that counts. And now it makes me feel better about the fact that I never ordinarily do stuff like this.

I also find that I am hoarding activities that could go in the calendar.  The Christmas cards arrived, (GO ME!) and I was going to deliver one to the neighbors, but now I think I might have to save “Take present and card to the neighbors”.

Tomorrow’s door is going to reveal “Go See Santa”, and Eli is TERRIFIED of Santa, so we’ll see how that goes.



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  1. It also makes good blog fodder, gives the rest of us ideas to steal, er I mean gives the rest of us INSPIRATION, and means you’ll have adorbs pictures to look at later.

  2. The nativity was one of my favorite parts of Christmas when I was a kid. The Coke can figures are really cool!

  3. Awesome nativity! I love nativities too. I have a whole bunch and I got Kalena one last Christmas. We got it out a couple days ago and she has enjoyed it quite a bit.

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