Advent Day Three: Go See Santa Claus


This was a success, today.

Although for a minute there, I wasn’t so sure it would be – Eli drew ” Go see Santa” out of the advent calendar at 8 oclock this morning and I had to explain that we were going TONIGHT about every three seconds.  Plus if it rains, they don’t hold the event, and this morning it was raining, so I also had to explain that I wasn’t sure we were going, and he screamed “IT’S NOT RAINING” at me all day long.

But it didn’t rain, thank goodness.

I decided this year to try something different and not go to see Santa at the mall.  We have this sort of odd little old school park thing next to the zoo called Fairytale Town, and we’d never been there before, but for two days in December they decorate with lights and have Santa and music and open it late and it was really nice.  Totally mellow, not crowded, and Eli loved the slides and all the weird little things you can climb on and run around on.  When we got to Santa, he didn’t want to go, but we walked right up to the big gold chair, and handed off Katherine, and then I grabbed Eli and stuck him next to Santa and he was fine.  I stood off to the side and Eli warmed right up and told him what he wanted (a cash register), which really struck Santa’s fancy – he told us that in all his years he had never had another child ask for a cash register.  He followed us off the little platform and kept pointing and saying “That little boy wants a cash register!”.

Also amazing – there’s a ticket fee to get into Fairytale Town, but there’s no charge to see Santa, and THEY LET YOU TAKE YOUR OWN PICTURE.  FOR FREE. I  cannot emphasize enough the superiority of this experience over standing in a hot crowded mall line for 45 minutes to be charged THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS for the privilege of spending two seconds with a crabby man in a fat suit.  Seriously, it was night and day better.  It was, dare I say it, lovely.

This is what I love about our activities calendar.  I don’t know that I want to say that WORKING on new traditions is paying off because that sounds odd, but this is the kind of thing that I will gladly repeat every year.  It was such a nice evening.

Afterwards we used a Groupon to go out to a new fancy pizza restaurant, and even though we had to wait a bit, everyone behaved, and all the people in line coed over my adorable children and I had ham and beer and a giant wedge of cheese.  I am putting this evening in the win column.

Oh, and P.S. to Emily, KDub wore the red knit Christmas outfit that you gave me in Chicago, to see Santa, and it fit perfectly and was totally adorable beyond words.  Thank you!


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  1. Okay, I LOVE how engaged with Santa Eli looks. So adorable! I’m glad this evening was a win.

    I am really enjoying seeing the Advent activities you and Emily are doing, and I am SO copying you next year.

  2. Their faces are priceless! Glad it was fun. I’m enjoying seeing all the activities too. Sounds like you have some good ideas.

  3. That picture is great!

  4. I grew up within spitting distance of Fairytale Town. ahhh the best

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