Advent Day Five: Pick Out A New Christmas Ornament

This morning we were moving slowly, but we did have a nice breakfast, totally unprompted by any orders from the Advent Calendar.  It felt like maybe it was even more fun because we just busted out the waffle maker and the orange juice but it wasn’t some kind of requirement we owed any one.

Getting a new ornament every year is definitely a Christmas tradition I want to continue.  We did this when we were a kids and I always liked putting those ornaments, “my ornaments”,  on the tree the most.

Before we finally trekked out to Pier One to over pay for some semi crappy ornaments, Erik pointed out that we weren’t really doing things in the correct order because we don’t have a tree yet, but I reminded him that no one likes a know it all and also that we aren’t done having the big “Where should we put the Christmas tree” fight. And the less time some dried out tree dumps needles all over my living room, the better.

Anyway, I tried to find Katherine’s ornament online but it appears that it’s the only ornament they don’t have a picture of.  I picked it out and then put it back when I noticed that it was $11.95.  And then I picked it up again, because really, baby doesn’t get a first ornament every year, you know? And it’s truly stupendous actually.  Most of their ornaments were pretty sub par this year, they used to be really nice, but this year most of them seemed kind of crappy and overpriced, but Katherine’s ornament is this glittery purple bird with a super long skinny neck and a feather tail and it’s just awesomely beautifully weird.

(Eli picked out a mirrored disco ball.)

Today was kind of a rough day because Pants was exhausted from yesterday and was overall sort of rotten.  He did wake us up by leaning over Erik, who was sleeping on his stomach, and yelling “Daddy, you have a neck butt!” so that was pretty hilarious.

(Even though he’s not supposed to say butt, I still laughed.)

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