Advent Day Four: Visit Friends in the City

For Day Four, we drove to the city (San Francisco).  We stopped for lunch at a gluten free bakery, which was awesome.  Eli got to eat anything he wanted in the whole store.  I don’t think he’s ever gotten to do that before.  He chose a chocolate cupcake and a slice of pizza.  I let him eat the cupcake first.  He kept saying “I LOVE THIS CUPCAKE.”  Then he ate the slice of pizza, and then asked for another cupcake.  Which I totally bought him, yes I did.

Then we hung out at BFF’s house for a while, and then they watched Eli while we went to Kristin’s Annual Ugly Sweater party, and my poor long suffering husband won the Ugliest Sweater Contest.  I kind of can’t believe I don’t have pictures of that.  It was impressive.  I’ll have to see if I can reenact that.  We were wearing handmade vests and turtlenecks.  Plus a baseball hat that said “I Believe In Santa Claus”.  And a baby. We deputized my MIL when we knew we needed ugly sweater outfits and she came through big time, let me tell you that.

I had such a very good time.  Katherine was handed all around and pronounced the cutest baby of all time, and everyone was funny and delightful.  It felt like a fabulous Christmas break.

Amy, Kristin, Me, Moose, Leah, Jamie, and Nicole (and Katherine, but she doesn’t have a blog.)

And then we swung back by Oakland just in time to scoop up Eli and discover that he was soaked in urine.  Which I discovered after realizing that I was soaked in urine.  Break over!

P.S. Dear Sara, sorry about your therma rest!




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  1. Katherine IS the cutest baby of all time. She’s turned a whole lot of non-baby lovin’ people into believers–I’d say that’s a pretty good testament to her charm, wouldn’t you? Bring her back soon!

  2. The cupcake story made my whole freaking day! Once I bought Syd a second ice cream cone at Ikea. Just because she is awesome and it felt good to say yes. Sometimes being Mom is awesome.
    Also, is it me, or does Moose look super hot? Is she secretly dating Puck from Glee or something? Dang!

  3. She really is the cutest baby of all time ever. Don’t think I haven’t mentioned her to people over the past few weeks, because I HAVE.

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