Advent Day Six and Day Seven

Day Six.  I needed a Christmas break, so Day Six was Blow Bubbles In the Bathtub.  That was fun, except Eli can’t blow bubbles, so mostly I blew bubbles at him.  It’s also the kind of thing, and I know this is terrible,  but it’s the kind of thing where no amount of it will ever be enough, so I spend the whole time wanting to be done with it and he spends the whole time never wanting it to end.  It was ok, though, as these things go.  Eli definitely thought it was fun.

Day Seven was Read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  Eli wanted to wait and have it read as his bedtime story, when his dad was home, so we read it at the end of a long rough day (today).  He was about as tired as I have ever seen him.  Had to be woken up for preschool this morning but wouldn’t take a nap this afternoon.  Added to a baby sister who also didn’t sleep and a mama with a cold and too many errands, and today got really terrible as it wound down.  After all that, he did like sitting and listening to the story.  It’s an excellent length for a three year old, and I remember last year he liked it a lot already at 2 and a half ish.

I didn’t find myself totally enraptured in the moment, I was still a little beat up by today, but I did have that strange and oddly compelling feeling of hearing my mom reading it to me as I read it myself, as I said those same words just how I remember her saying them to me.

Obviously you can find A Visit From St. Nicholas in about two seconds on the internet, but I read it from one of our Christmas books, Caroline Kennedy’s “A Family Christmas”.  I received this for a gift a few years back and at the time it felt like sort of a dud gift, and now I love having it and looking through it every Christmas and reading all the strange and interesting and familiar stories grouped together. And look, you can buy it used for a penny on Amazon! Can’t go wrong there.

Ah, research calls.  I believe Erik is about to write a Candy Corner post on Lindt Balls, so I am obviously going to have to go test out five or six, or ten, and share my valuable opinions.




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  1. mmmmm, chocolate. In the name of research, even better!

  2. I really love your advent activities. As opposed to my own, wherein I shove three (one for each kid!) candy cane kisses in the little box, most days. Though I did set up a little scavenger hunt the other day that ended in a new Christmas book.

  3. I love your description of reading to your kids and hearing your mom’s voice reading to you. That’s one of my favorite parts of holiday tradition, I think… The feeling that you are doing the exact same thing that your loved ones did years ago and their loved ones did years before that. It’s kind of magical.

  4. I bought Claire the Mary Englebriet illustrated version of “The Night Before Christmas” on a total whim from Amazon and she freaking LOVES it. She calls it her Santa Book and I swear I have been reading it to her 5+ times a day for the past week.

    I would say I’m annoyed with it, but what I’m really annoyed about is watching Rudolph 3x a day. The squeaking nose is like nails on a chalkboard OMG.

  5. I hear you on no matter how many bubbles you blow it will never be enough.

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