Advent Day 10, 11, 12, and 13

Advent Day 10, 11, and 12 sort of mooshed all together, because we ended up doing a bunch of the things in the calendar on Friday and Saturday since we were afraid we’d run out of time otherwise.

But essentially we did “Get a Tree”, “Decorate the Tree” and “Go To the Santa Parade” by Saturday afternoon.

We also had another treasure hunt so that Eli could find the Millenium Falcon space ship that someone in his office gave us after their kids grew out of it.  It’s basically now his favorite thing ever, and he has done nothing but watch Star Wars and play with the space ship since he got it.  I can only assume all over the world children just like mine, whose parents have just finished buying reams worth of Christmas gifts based on their previous interests of the past 3.75 years, have now totally abandoned those interests for something completely different.

Sunday afternoon I went shopping with Amy. I have no idea what Sunday’s activity was. I’m going to call it “buy the cutest hat ever from Janie and Jack” since that’s pretty much what I achieved.  Erik says she looks like an old British lady, which is pretty much the best compliment ever, am I right?

Now I just need to have a little talk with Santa about that little red pea coat at Target.  A baby doesn’t NEED a little red pea coat, for sure, but a baby sure would look cute in it.

We also went to the farmer’s market and I bought some pink turnips I am very excited about, and some fennel, and then I made fennel/orange/pomegranate salad for dinner (cut off peel of oranges, slice, trim and slice fennel and a little bit of the frondy stuff, add pomegranate seeds and toss everything with olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and salt and pepper, refrigerate for a bit.)

Today we planted paperwhite bulbs. I got them in a kit from Target.  The first time I found them there I put them back, because I didn’t want to pay $4.99 for three paperwhite bulbs, and I didn’t need the container they came in or the dirt.  (I like to plant my paperwhites in rocks.)

Then I looked all over town for loose paperwhite bulbs and I couldn’t find any, so I went back to Target and coughed up the 4.99 and decided I can use the little tub for makeup or baby socks or something later on.

Fair Warning:  This is not at all the type of activity that is going to occupy your children for 45 minutes.  It took about two minutes, but it’s 1. something I do every winter anyway and 2. is lovely to look at and fun for everyone when they grow.  And we needed something else to put in the window as the gingerbread house got all soggy and fell apart.

Mr. E says my advent posts are coming across as crabby.  I hope they aren’t, because I’ll be honest, they are the bright spot in my day.  I am worried about money, I am tired, and my three year old is being just fracking terrible.  I am trying, I am trying to hang in there, but some days parenting a child who gets HYSTERICAL when the toilet is clogged, for no apparent reason, or who simply WILL NOT stop talking for one second about poop or butts or dingles gets a little bit old.  The other day he wiped his hand in his, uh, downstairs area, and then wiped it in my face.  I thought about it for awhile and then decided that that day, I think it was Friday, was the worst behaved he has ever been.

I am, also, for reasons all my own and free of judgment of others, not comfortable taking Lex@pro while nursing, and I’m trying to fight through until Kate Face is a year old when I will think about weaning her.  So I am hanging in there, but it’s a tough time.

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  1. I never felt your posts on Advent were crabby. I love them and I love the pictures. I think of you and Emily doing this Advent stuff and it makes me feel more festive. I’m just hanging in there a lot of the time too. Keep on keeping on.

  2. that hat is somewhere past cute. awesomest hat ever, possibly.

    I don’t think you sound crabby. At least no crabbier than I feel.

    hang in there re the nursing/meds issue. so.freaking.hard. Hugs.

    p.s. we have my husband’s childhood millenium falcon and yeah, it’s the most popular toy ever.

  3. The hat is ADORABLE. And she can wear it with tons of stuff. 0-3 is a tough age for gifts & Christmas. I seriously think I could wrap up a box filled with styrofoam peanuts and he would love it as much as the 10 other awesome toys I bought.

  4. The hat is great. Also, I didn’t know you could “plant” those bulbs in rocks like that. It makes me want to go get some. I love flowers, but I’m not good at growing things generally, other than the monstrous african violet that’s taking over our living room.

  5. I never got a crabby vibe. And I DO agree that K looks like an adorable little British lady and from me that IS a compliment – she is perfect. A red peacoat sounds like an awesome plan.

    I’m sorry to hear that things are rough in other areas. But man am I glad you’re finding light in there somewhere.

  6. They don’t sound crabby to me—or if they do at all, it’s only the amount NECESSARY to balance stories of doing all these awesome things with your kids. Like, if you tell it all “every single second is like a magical holiday fairy blessing my heart!!” that’s when I think, “Well, we’re wall too temperamentally different for me to attempt such things.” But if you like parts and dislike parts and want a little CREDIT FTLOG for doing such great things, then I feel like I can do it too. And I have been. Some.

    That is indeed the best coat ever. And I saw those darling red pea coats TODAY! I just bought Elizabeth a green one (not Christmas green, more of a yellowish green, a spring green, a leaf green) at Marshalls for $10 or else I would have been SORELY TEMPTED. (I still WAS sorely tempted.)

  7. I haven’t gotten a crabby vibe at all from your Advent posts. Generally your blog IS the place where you vent and sometimes reading your blog makes me scared of THREE (and having a boy). I swear I was just thinking how all these Advent posts are nice since they present the happy things about having a three year old!

  8. Crap, the description lines are off in the comment box and I can’t believe I just put my email address where my name should have gone. Oops!

  9. Well, I’m enjoying the advent posts, and I don’t even have kids of my own. I say, write what you want to. Whatever it takes to get through the day!

  10. i’ve been on a bloggy hiatus, but it was so much fun to read your advent posts from earlier I came back tonight.
    Mr E may be right, but who the hell w small kids is not crabby?

  11. I dont think you’re crabby! I’m taking a mental-health break this holiday season (no gifts, cards, baking, or travel), so your blog is the one place where my blackened heart can have a little xmas cheer!
    And lately I’ve been hearing more and more about the terrible threes… god speed, comrade, god speed.

  12. I’m sorry that Eli is hard for you right now, but I’m glad to hear someone else admit that their child is being terrible and is hard to be around. My 2.5 year old is… well, words don’t describe his behaviour lately. As a result, I am snappish and mean (because of course that is the most constructive way to handle a small angry child) and then it’s just a vicious cycle. Funny you should say that Friday was his worst day ever because I think Saturday was our worst day ever. I keep reminding myself that my niece was The World’s Worst Toddler and she is now the loveliest 17 year old you have ever met.

    This too shall pass and all of that crap.

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