I am very very tired.  Wonder Baby doesn’t sleep any more!

Have I mentioned I am very very tired?

Because Kate Face is now awake from 7-10 PM instead of asleep in her bed like she belongs, I have NO time to myself.  This might actually be worse for my mental health than never getting any sleep.

We are going to try to transition her to sleeping in Eli’s room in January.  Let’s hope it doesn’t result in two kids lying awake screaming all night while I frantically peruse real estate listings in the living room.

We have to buy a new crib or I’d start her in the bedroom now, and the December budget does not stretch to buying new furniture we already own but have to replace due to shoddy crib manufacturing practices.

I’d write a maudlin post about the old crib and how Mr. E and I spent months refinishing it because I couldn’t find a brown crib anywhere except Pottery Barn Kids and I’ll be damned if I was going to spend more money on a crib than I spent on our couch, and then I could go on about how absolutely gorgeous our crib is and how it’s finished in food grade shellac and how I used to polish it all the time with furniture wax and then rearrange the stack of receiving blankets and how wow apparently I had a lot of time on my hands and how I was planning on handing this crib down to my grandchildren and my great grandchildren and how now I apparently I have to leave it on the curb but not before destroying it so no gets hurt in it, and how that breaks my heart.  I know there are large problems in the world.  But it really makes me sad to have to get rid of this crib.

But I’m too tired to write about all of that in any kind of coherent or even compelling way.  Obviously.

Also, I am sort of…annoyed that four years ago when I was shopping for nursery furniture there was just NOTHING.  Nothing affordable in dark brown, nothing nothing nothing.  And now it takes thirty seconds and three clicks of a buy it now button and a mere $145 dollars and one will arrive at my front door in two days.  Which just proves that I’m a trend setter of the highest order and someone should pay me big bucks to tell them that I bet if you started making old fashioned looking cribs in hot pink gloss, they’d sell.   I’d buy one.

But then again I am so tired I can’t really see straight, so my judgment might be questionable.


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  1. that crib is beautiful!

  2. I take it you have an ‘evil’ drop side crib? Have you had any success in contacting the manufacturer? Some of them are able to send parts to you to prevent unexpected droppage.

    You’re brilliant and I’m sure you’ve already thought of that, but I’m all emotional right now and the thought of family heirlooms makes me cry a bit.

    I must go find some chocolate, stat.

  3. Also, this is the crib that we bought back in April, and it really is wonderful.

    So…I suppose you can pretend to take comfort in the fact that the wait will be worth it?

  4. Hey, if you ever need tips on kids sharing a room, I’m happy to tell you what our routine evolved into.

  5. we have two of these exact cribs. Well, not exact. The first one was bought LAST year and has the drop side. The second one we bought this summer and doesn’t have the drop side. My 20 month old sleeps in the first one, and my 5 month old sleeps in the newer one. The drop side one, however, is a huge pain in the ass to drop, so I don’t worry too much about it. I can barely get that thing to drop while I”m on my hands and knees working the dropping mechanism, so it stays.
    PS, the crib is pretty and we LOVE it. Hince, two in the same style. 🙂

  6. No, no, your judgment is sound: I would TOTALLY buy a hot pink glossy crib.

  7. Why have I not talked to you in forever? We should discuss this crib situation. Also I am in favor of hot pink. Also your next post gave me the vapors. I think after #1 your #2 should say: Hire General Contractor To Do All The Work.

  8. I say go for hot pink! a safe. hot pink crib. good luck!

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