House Projects 2011

1. Find a pile of money

2. Refinish the hardwood floors FTLOG.

3. Replace the front screen door and regular door, paint red.

4. Find a cheapish wrought iron bench for the front yard.

5. Find some loungy furniture for the backyard.

6. Buy a bed for our room and a bedside table.

7. Buy a new crib.  Spray paint high gloss hot pink. (Kidding. Sort of).

8. Buy another mattress for the trundle bed and add handles to make it easier to open.

9.  Kitchen.  Raise the cabinets, paint them white, add crown molding and cabinet pulls. Find a patch for the floor.  Paint the walls and ceiling, and add subway tile backsplash.  Add new lightning. Add in a tiny drawer next to the dishwasher. Add a shelf below the cabinets.    Have someone look at the stove and fix it.

10.  Dining room:  Framed art.

11.  Add cladding to the front porch pillars.

12.  Fix the leaky front window.

13.  Add a thresh hold to the floor in the kitchen.

14.  Living Room Redecorating:  new gray chair, new couch, new shag rug (move the old rug to the kids room), add bamboo blinds to the front window,build a desk with pipes and plywood, spray paint the file cabinet black high gloss, and if we win the lottery add the two side windows back in and buy filmy white curtains for them at IKEA.  Green and blue pillows, and a new lamp.  Paint blanket chest white.  Frame Smokey Posters, and buy a velvet ottoman and one more bookshelf.

15. Shutters, front of house

16. Stain or paint the front window boxes and maintain with spring and summer plants.

17. Replace the terrible edging next to the roses.

18.  Find someplace to swim or buy an above ground pool.

19.  Build garden boxes.

20.  Plant a cutting garden or border.

6 Responses

  1. Yes, best start with finding that pile of money. 🙂

  2. You’ll probably do all these things for $100 total. You deserve your own home improvement show you’re just so awesome like that.

  3. You have a place to swim…remember? You guys just actually have to come over this summer 🙂

  4. Man, that list made me sleepy. I think I’ll take a nap now.

  5. Oy. Let me know where you find that pile of money, as I’d like to find one for myself, too!!

  6. […] year I like to type this list up. I don’t know that I’ve ever finished it, but it’s […]

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