The Darndest Things

Eli, trying goat milk for the first time.  (Makes a face).

Erik: “Did you like it, buddy?”

Eli:  “Hmmm, no.  It was kind of….goaty. ”


I am painting the bedframe in the backyard, Eli is looking on. When I’m finished I say “Done! What do you think?”

Eli: “Uh, mom? Is it ok to say that something is ugly, if you just think it in your head and don’t say it out loud?”


On the way home from preschool today, I am singing one of my favorite songs (“there was a cowgirl fair, and a desperado…)  as a distraction, because I am tired of the “you are are a _______” game.  Eli says “Oh no mom.  I want that to be over.  I had enough singing at preschool.”



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  1. He is 100% correct about goat’s milk! I had a 20-something year-old friend say the exact same thing when I offered her some of my goat yogurt a while back.

  2. Goaty

    Hilarious!! 🙂

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