Hey, does anyone out there know anything about how to get rare books valued/sold?  I have something I think might be worth something, and I see those rare book sales in the NYT Book Review all the time, but I have no idea how to go about the logistics of actually getting something valued.  Anyone? Thanks!


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  1. I think you can call a place like Bauman Rare Books and they can probably give you a ballpark if you tell them about the condition of the book and such, though obviously they’d have to see it in person to make a final appraisal. Or they might know of a place in your area that could do it!

  2. My local independent bookstore uses to price their books, and you can buy and sell online there too.

  3. I believe Powells Books can help you get an approx price if you email them.

  4. I think you can go on to at least get a sense of what your book might be worth. Otherwise, I would love to read a post about how you made it onto Antiques Road Show!!!

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