My Easter Menu

I’m uninspired Re: my Easter Menu.  It feels like such a rehash every year.  And it’s right when I want to be eating tomatoes fresh from my garden and we’re still stuck eating oranges and asparagus.  (I live a tough life, I know).  Hopefully I’ll churn something up with this blog post.  Lovely imagery, isn’t it?

Beeler’s Ham.  We have Colonel Newson’s Country Ham at Christmas, and while I can appreciate it intellectually, I’m not the hugest fan.  So at Easter we have city ham.  Mr. E is worried that a 6-7 pound ham won’t be enough, but since I’m not spending $112 dollars on HAM, that’s what we’re getting.

Some kind of crazy jello concoction that you, the lovely reader, tell me I just can’t have Easter Dinner without.   Preferably involving whipped cream.

Haroseth, since it’s my favorite part of Passover.  And I think it would go well with ham, ironically.

Roasted radishes with brown butter, lemon, and radish tops.  I am dubious about the deliciousness of roasted radishes, so I need to test this out ahead of time.

roasted asparagus

roasted spring onions and parmesan grits with morels (where the hell do I get a morel around here?)

spiced sweet potatoes

gluten free cheddar biscuits

fennel and orange salad

and angel food cake, strawberries, and whipped cream for dessert

Actually, that does sound fairly delicious, now that I think about it.

What are you having?  And bring on the jello recipes, please!



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  1. Yeah, your menu sounds amazing.

    Cinnamon rolls and mimosas. I made this our Easter tradition even though I’m really the only one who likes such things. I COOK, I CREATE THE TRADITIONS.

  2. We are such heathens that I am not sure we are even going to have any sort of formal Easter meal unless my mom comes over to cook it.

    Also, I will be 39 weeks pregnant and, as a general rule, there will be no cooking that week.

  3. Wow – that sounds amazing! I too am skeptical about the radishes. But I suppose they MUST be good for something besides garnishing salads.

    I am embarrassed to say that I have no idea when Easter is. Sad. When I lived with my parents, it was such a lovely festive occasion.

  4. Ok, best jello recipe EVER from my childhood, we called it ambrosia, my husband calls it disgusting. Take from that what you will.

    one packet of powdered jello mix (i prefer peach or strawberry flavor but stick with a not-found-in-nature-colored fruit flavor, no chocolate or vanila)
    one container of cottage cheese
    one container of cool whip
    one can of mandarin oranges
    one can of pineapple (you could be all not-1950s housewife and actually use fresh fruit, should you so desire)
    mix it all together
    you’re welcome.

  5. I’m not proud of this but I once wrote a love letter to jello salad (recipe link included) and I would recommend it highly, but mostly because it is basically salty, sugary, whipped deliciousness, not because it is AT ALL a salad.

  6. What, no lamb?

    The best jello recipe in the world is this one (use the variation):,1713,157166-233193,00.html

  7. That menu sounds excellent. I have no idea what we’ll be having. Fortunately for me, that’s because we’ll be having dinner at my parents’ house so I don’t have to do anything of the thinking and/or cooking.

  8. I have no recipes for jello, so I am going to be scouring this page for them. Also, the menu reading just made me gain five pounds. Totally worth it.

  9. No jello salad recipes here, my mother used to have a jello mold/salad cookbook from the 1960’s and it had the most frightening pictures in it. But last year my mother in law made huge behemoth steaks that were waaaaaaay past well done and grilled hamburger buns. This is no joke. So this year I think my husband and I will do our traditional meal of Arbys.

  10. 2 cans cherry pie filling
    2 cans eagle brand milk
    1 tsp lemon juice
    1 regular sized container cool whip
    Looks kinda like a jello salad, but with no jello. Full of awesome, though.

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